Is fame really fabulous?

These days we live in a world where success is often measured by how well-known or famous you are. More and more kids are growing up dreaming about becoming a celebrity – and they won’t let something small like a lack of talent stand in their way.

They simply think that becoming a singer, actress or a contestant in a reality TV show will give them access to showbiz parties and untold wealth. But we only have to look at the likes of Kerry Katona, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan to know that being a celeb isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Thankfully Britney has managed to get herself back on the straight and narrow after her very public breakdown last year, but sadly the same can’t be said of Kerry Katona. The former Atomic Kitten seems to be falling apart in front of our eyes. With one failed marriage behind her and reports of serious troubles with her second, she’s been videoed numerous times looking unstable, but seems unable to be able to live without the glare of the media. Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan’s career has taken a serious nosedive due to her constant partying and inability to take any roles she lands seriously.

It just shows that while getting famous can be relatively easy if you’re willing to do pretty much anything, maintaining fame is something else altogether. It’s this kind of thing we should be teaching kids in schools. Hopefully then less of them will leave thinking that becoming a star is the answer to all life’s problems, when for many it’s just the start of them.

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