Is Zac Efron Officially Off the Market?


 Officially, yes. Sorry everyone!

Apparently, Zac has been spotted with Fast and Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez and while rumours have been circling for a few weeks now about whether they’re actually together or not,  they certainly do have a bit of a soft spot for each other.

Caught locking lips and having a cuddle on their recent vacation, many critics are concerned about the effect that party-goer Michelle will have on Zac, after being in rehab last year. Michelle has previously been arrested in 2006 for Driving Under the Influence.

After a fling with hot model Cara Delevingne, Michelle appears to have gotten over her pretty quick and is now full on with Zac.

Their holiday host and esteemed business man Gianluca Vacchi has said “Don't be concerned, Z and Michelle have a mutual healthy influence [on] each other and they are very cute together.”

But How Long Have They Been Together?

Having reportedly met in 2011 after Zac’s split with High School Musical co-star and girlfriend of four years Vanessa Hudgens, the two have apparently been ‘friends with benefits’ since then, hooking up whenever they were both single.

They were reunited at The Rover after party, where an eyewitness told HollywoodLife, “they hung out all night and really bonded with each other on a whole new level.”

They added: “They both had something to bond over. He was there for her breakup and she was there for his substance issues and that bond has turned romantic.”

Will it Last?

However, despite sources revealing their happiness and fondness for each other, it appears as though all may not be well in the world of Zac and Michelle, with rumours already beginning to surface that their fledgling relationship may be on the rocks.

The MailOnline recently published pictures of Michelle partying alone, with Zac nowhere in sight.

As well as this, neither Zac nor Michelle have officially released a statement confirming their relationship. Zac may be off the market for now, but all doesn’t appear as rosy as it is currently being portrayed. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one for sure.

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