Is There Really a Psychic Connection Between Twins?

One question that constantly surrounds twins is whether or not they might share a common psychic bond. There are plenty of recorded instances giving instances of twins finishing each others’ sentences and apparently thinking the same thing and there is much anecdotal evidence that supports the notion of a psychic bond. However, scientific circles seem to be sitting on the fence over this theory, although it looks like they are more and more prepared to acknowledge that there may be phenomena that are currently beyond explanation.

The Psychic Self

There are many aspects of our existence that science in unable to explain. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Phenomena such as déjà vu, clairvoyance, clairaudience and shared dreams are experienced by people on a daily basis and most of these experiences go unreported. Between twins, experiences such as these and stronger, more focussed supernatural abilities seem more prevalent. 

It is impossible to ignore the uncanny nature of stories about such intense ‘psychic bonds’ between twins, however anecdotal they seem on the surface. Famous twins have reported a special bond between them: the Jedward brothers and the Kray twins, for example.

Scientific Studies

Research into the apparent links between twins has been conducted for a long time. The American CIA sponsored research on this phenomenon during the 1960s, although they reached no definite conclusions. Instead, the scientific community seems to prefer the theories of coincidence and the possibility that twins may have a greater ability to read each other’s body language than ordinary siblings. 

Part of the problem in collating scientific data to support or dismiss the link between twins is that they would require surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most psychic incidents seem to occur spontaneously and at moments of extreme emotion. While many of us have heard stories of supernatural bonds between twins, these stories are often impossible to verify and must fall into the category of anecdotal evidence.

Even if science is correct and twins are simply able to ‘read’ each other better than ordinary brothers and sisters this still doesn’t explain the incidents of ‘remote links’, where twins experience each others’ thoughts or feelings over considerable distances. While it might be convenient to write them off as coincidence, it is entirely possible that they are examples of things that science cannot yet comprehend.

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