Is There Really A 'Dark Side'?

Think of the ‘Dark Side’ and you think of Star Wars; it’s almost ingrained in our consciousness. However, while most of the philosophy of the Force is espoused by a short, green Muppet with a comb-over, there are actually a lot of parallels to be drawn between a fictional rule for life and the way psychic forces are used. In explaining the way the Dark Side works, the character of Yoda says that it is not necessarily more powerful, yet it is “quicker, easier; more seductive.” In essence, there is more than a grain of truth to this – as long as we are aware of what the Dark Side is.

 What Is The Dark Side?

Our subconscious minds generate energies, both positive and negative, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Those of us who have forgotten how to use our latent abilities tend to register these wavelengths as gut feelings about people, places or situations. However, those who have honed their psychic skills are able to use them. Psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and Tarot readers are all examples of people who have tapped into their psychic strengths and developed them.

Although we talk about positive and negative energies, this is something very different from describing something as benign or malign. What we are really talking about is intent; psychic broadcasts, whether they are positive or negative, cannot be said to be good or evil unless they are directed as part of a particular purpose. Just as there are those who believe that they are using their gifts for the good of others, there are also those who use their gifts for themselves, regardless of the cost to those around them. This is where we can see the beginnings of the path towards the Dark Side.

 Psychic Vampires

Those who have an awareness of the psychic world will probably have heard of the term ‘psychic vampire’. Psychic vampires are people who are thought to drain energy from those they come into contact with; it’s a term used to describe those who appear to suck the life out of people, without actually doing anything. However, more often than not psychic vampires tend to be people who have reached a period of psychic stagnation or spiritual malaise. Without anyone around them to lift them from their fug, they are left to chase negative thoughts in a downward spiral. Negative thoughts are like iron filings to a magnet; attract one and many others will swiftly follow. Psychic vampires are simply people who have created a spiritual void for themselves and, unconsciously, their higher selves seek to fill it, by draining the energy from those around them.

 However, alarming as this might sound, most psychic vampires cannot truly be said to be servants of the Dark Side. Instead, they are beings who have a hunger for that which is missing in their lives and, like an alcoholic looking to bolster himself with alcohol, they are simply looking to fill a hole that is very real to them. What differentiates benign and malign psychic forces is the intent with which they are used.

 Do Not Underestimate The Dark Side

The definition becomes easier to understand when you take into consideration the matter of will. Those who truly belong to the Dark Side are those who seek to manipulate the will of others purely for their own ends. Generally, they want to force or trick someone into doing something that will somehow be of benefit to themselves. It might be that they want to ‘make’ someone love them or put a ‘curse’ on someone or even get them to part with physical wealth. In each case they are using their psychic abilities and intuitive skills to hone in on the weaknesses of those around them. A skilled, malign psychic will be able to spot the chinks in people’s psychic armour very quickly, and they can spot where their imbalances lie and play on them. For instance, if a ‘Dark Sider’ were to be aware of a person having low self-esteem, then they might play on that, convincing that person that they are their only friend and, if they do as they are told, everything will be alright.

This is very much evident in phenomena such as ‘curses’ and black magic. The recipient of the curse or spell will have been led to believe that they are somehow deserving of their perceived fate and that the result is an inevitability. The person behind this self-fulfilling prophecy will appear to have been a friend of their victim. Only by getting close to them and understanding how they operate will they have been able to exploit their psychic weaknesses.

Casualties Of The Dark Side

But what does the Dark Sider get out of it? Often, the results are short-term gratification; “quicker, easier; more seductive’. Those who use their psychic abilities for their own ends tend not to be able to look beyond their immediate needs. Their understanding of their psychic journey is stunted and they have little comprehension of how their acts can affect the lives of those around them. Instead, it’s a question of seeing how much you can take and in how short a time.

 Star Wars shows us how those who embrace the Dark Side tend to bear the scars of their choice: the Emperor is twisted and disfigured, while Darth Vader has to hide himself behind a mask. Reality is a lot more complicated. Those who use their talents at the expense of others and for their own ends can appear as inconspicuous as the next person. However, inside, it is a different matter; each malicious act they undertake, further erodes at their own self-esteem and self-worth, driving them to commit further psychic violations – for it is only through these acts that they feel momentarily validated.

 And herein lays the trap for Dark Siders; like a drug that slowly poisons the body, whilst convincing the user that he feels great, Dark Side psychic activity continues to undermine the practitioner’s self-image, until they are left empty, friendless and alone. While the Dark Side may be easier, quicker and more seductive, it is also the path to a spiritual vacuum.


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