Is There A Place In Life For The Divine Spirit?

There can be little doubt that the physical world demands the majority of our attention, whether we like it or not. Most of us get bogged down by deciding which of the bills we are going to prioritise, whether we’re the right weight, whether we’ve got the right clothes or whether our job is the right one for us. The list of stresses and strains for the 21st Century is almost endless.

 However, focussing entirely on these problems can lead to an even greater one. Deviating from your spiritual path can leave you with a permanent sense of malaise; the feeling that something is missing from your life. As a result, you may find that you function even less constructively in the physical realm.

What is the Divine Spirit?

The Divine Spirit is the state of being that we need to achieve before our time on Earth is up. Some schools of thought believe that before we become incarnate, we are perfect in every way. Our mission in the physical world is to somehow achieve that spiritual state – or get as close to it as possible – before we die. However, this does not mean that we have to behave in a way that is disconnected from the world around us.

 Seeking to achieve the state of the Divine Spirit is thought to have a beneficial effect on our health, wellbeing, relationships and even our fortune. In many ways, there has never been a greater need for people to decide to connect with the Divine Spirit, and the more separate we perceive our physical selves to be from our spiritual beings, the greater our need is.

 Fulfilling Your Potential

 It would be misleading to suggest that we must attain some sort of spiritual perfection within our lifetime. Becoming the Divine Spirit isn’t a way of seeking perfection. Instead, it’s a way of ensuring that we can fulfil our full potential, in every aspect of our existence. In the 21st Century we are so distracted by the minutiae of modern life that it’s easy to forget, ignore or overlook our spiritual needs.

 However, if they are not addressed, you will become aware of them, and spiritual disharmony often makes itself known through feelings of general dissatisfaction, an inability to really connect with others and a sensation that you are somehow ‘lost’ and that life is passing you by. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then it might well be time to take charge and turn your life around. It doesn’t have to take up much of your time and the benefits can be far-reaching.

 What is your Divine Purpose?

Part of achieving the state of Divine Spirituality is to try and discern your Divine Purpose. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to overthrow an evil government or anything grandiose, it merely means finding out what your role in life is. A good way to do this is to think back through your career. Our careers are what occupy us most of the time and there are often clues you can pick up on to help you decide whether you’re on the right path or not. For example, a lawyer might think back and realise that he gets the most satisfaction from the cases where he’s helped out the underdogs. This realisation might encourage him to only accept that type of case or perhaps to become involved in charity work.

A builder might find that the jobs he’s enjoyed most are those that have brought him into contact with particularly minded people and might decide to expand his circle of friends. A doctor might find that his most rewarding experiences have been when giving advice to patients and seek a career change, perhaps to counselling. Consider the moments of human contact that have touched you as a professional and see if there is any way in which you can make those instances a feature of your life.

 The Importance of Meditation

Meditation is also an important part of discovering the Divine Spirit. Recent research has revealed that meditation not only engenders physical change, by reducing the potential for strokes and heart-disease, but it also lowers a person’s capacity for anger. Anger can be one of the most obstructive of emotions - it means that we are less open to suggestion and more determined to be seem as ‘right.’ By minimising your potential for anger, you will find that it easier to embrace new trains of thought or, if you disagree with them, at least see where that other person is coming from.

 In addition, meditation expands our psychic and spiritual awareness, allowing you to make better contact with those around you. Meditate for a few minutes a day and you’ll find that you have an increased awareness of just how those in your sphere are genuinely feeling about life. With this newfound empathy, you will find that you are able to have more meaningful experiences with friends and family, even if it’s just a deeper-than-usual chat.

 Your friends will also be able to relate better to you and you may find that you are able to share problems with less discomfort. Part of attaining the Divine Spirit is not just to shoulder the burdens of others, but also to make yourself vulnerable to those close to you and allow them to offer help and support; it’s a two-way street.

 Letting the Divine Spirit into your life is a necessity. It can put you back on track, spiritually, emotionally and physically. The problem with only paying attention to the demands of the physical world is that they are rarely, if ever, enriching. You pay a bill and, weeks later, there’s another one to replace it.

While we all need to work to survive, there is always room to dedicate some time to yourself and working out the role you play in your own life, as well as the lives of others. The spiritual ripples you’ll experience from helping a friend or confiding in someone far outweigh the feelings you get at knowing that you’re wearing the right clothes for the next office party.

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