are-psychic- abilities-lost-as-you-get-older

Is Psychic Ability Lost As You Get Older?

Individuals who discover they have psychic abilities often do so at a very young age. While there are those who find their gifts in later life, these are less common than teenagers or children who appear to have abilities. However, regardless of when you find them, is it true that you lose your psychic powers as you get older?


On the face of it, it seems that younger people may have more prominent or powerful psychic abilities. Most interaction between spirits and people seems to occur with young people and many psychics and clairvoyants have said that they discovered their gifts at an early age. The most likely explanation that their abilities appear to be so strong is that they are unfocussed; if a child possesses precognitive abilities that are not spotted until later in life, there will be a number of years where that child simply assumes that everyone has them. As a result, they may not be talked about or refined, both of which are important in maintaining your own psychic protection when using your powers.

Teenagers And Adults

Similarly, teenagers’ abilities can appear strong because of the stage of life they are in at that time. With adolescence comes a surge of hormones, emotions and psychic activity. Psychic gifts may appear sporadic within teenagers, reflecting the ebb and flow of the energies they generate in the transition to adulthood.

As adults, we are less frenetic than either children or teenagers. Our psychic energies can be just as strong, but less staccato. In addition, as adults, we learn to control our whims and fancies and we also learn how to rein in our psychic abilities. Partially, this is because we become more aware of our responsibilities to others and of the potential consequences of our actions; children and teenagers tend to look little further than their own needs. As a result, psychic abilities may appear less potent with age, but the truth is that they can be just as formidable; we have simply learned how and when to use them.

Training psychic abilities can be likened to learning to ride an unbroken horse. Once you have established a bond, the same power is still there – it is just used more conscientiously.

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