Is Harry Styles about to go Solo?


 When we think about One Direction, we automatically think about Harry Styles. We can’t help it. Whether you love him or you hate him, you’re bound to know who he is and, in comparison, the rest of the band simply don’t measure up. For this reason, the internet has been abuzz with rumours about him going solo for some time now.

No matter how many times he and the band deny it, rumours continue to fly about whether Harry is about to leave the band, especially if there isn’t any fresh scandal. Apparently there is a big divide between the lads, with an insider telling Heat all the goss.

 "Harry's quite a loner and an old soul, and finds the guys a bit immature," a source told them. "He prefers to spend time with his security team and Lou. It doesn't feel like he has as much in common with his bandmates. Harry has a new life in LA with lots of offers on the table as a solo artist."

They seem to think he was pretty annoyed about the joint vid too, "Everyone thinks Harry is the party boy, but he was livid about that video. Even before that scandal, he was taking a step back from the group." Could he really be thinking of leaving because of this?

"He's been different on the band's current stadium tour, and seems to have other thing on his mind," they said, as apparently they’ve been growing apart for some time. "He's had a separate plane taking him to gigs and in spending his time on 'personal projects' - as he calls his songwriting," they added.

We know that he’s been writing songs for other artists like Kodaline, Ariana Grande and more, so this must be true. But as for leaving? It looks like he’s having a great time with the band to us, and 1D is the biggest boy band in the world ever, so we don’t think he’ll be leaving any time soon. 


While rumours like this might have been circling the band pretty much the whole time they’ve been going, it hasn’t actually happened yet. So don’t hold your breath.

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