Is Clairvoyance Inherited?

Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive future events before they take place. Many believe that we are all born with this ability but, due to the constraints of modern life, have forgotten how to use it. However, there is a school of thought that suggests clairvoyance is an inherited ability.

What Is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance can manifest itself in many different ways. Some psychics believe they see images or symbols which they have to interpret; while others believe they see direct projections of the future, rather like a psychic newsflash. However, what seems to be most prevalent is that the images are seen or sensed through the psychic’s ‘third eye’ or the portion of the mind that is linked strongly to visualization.

Children are often perceived to have clairvoyant abilities; some seem to know who is on the ‘phone before the call has been answered, while others are aware of the death of a relative long before the news has actually been confirmed or delivered. Often, children with these abilities have parents or grand-parents that had similar abilities, lending credence to the idea that clairvoyance can be inherited.

Psychic Stock

However, there are plenty of people with apparent clairvoyant abilities that are from families where these talents are notably absent. This is explained by some psychics as being a residue of an ability from a previous incarnation. It is thought that, in their previous incarnation, that person would have been from a family where psychic gifts were in evidence from other relatives.

It seems that popular opinion believes that we are all born with some psychic abilities. However, those with a flair for clairvoyance, or a pronounced talent in another psychic field, seem to be from good psychic stock. While strictures such as being the seventh son of a seventh son might not be entirely accurate, there may be something in the theory that some gifts are passed on. It is well-documented that certain psychological and behavioral characteristics are carried through generations in DNA, so why should latent psychic abilities be any different? Until science can provide is with conclusive evidence either way, the different schools of thought will always be divided.

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