Inverted Tarot Cards and how they Influence Your Reading

For many people, the tarot cards are a superb tool in helping them make decisions. Far from being a way of ‘telling the future’, they are, in fact, a way of bridging the gap between your physical self and your psychic self. While most practitioners are comfortable with the spreads and knowledgeable about the cards themselves, there is often some confusion when cards become inverted. Is this a warning or something more benign?

Understanding the Tarot

Readers must make it clear to the questioner that the cards are not there to make decisions from. Rather, they offer a connection to the higher self and guidelines from which the questioner is able to make the decision for themselves. In wanting to make that connection with regard to certain aspects of his or her life, the questioner must take care to ask questions in the right way.

Question Readings

While these readings are to help the questioner find answers to specific matters in their lives, the answers often have more in common with their higher purpose than earth-bound matters. For this reason, the message can be harder to interpret and the presence of inverted cards confusing. In order for the cards to make any sense at all, the questioner must assume some responsibility during the reading and ensure that they are the focus of the questions, rather than others who they may believe are the cause of the situation. In addition, they must be prepared to receive unexpected answers and be prepared to learn what their role is in resolving a situation.

Inverted Cards

The meanings offered by inverted cards, if perceived correctly, can be the building blocks to a positive outcome. Rather than acting as warnings, they often point to blocked energy - the very thing that often prevents us from achieving our goals. They can reveal feelings such as frustration, uncertainty and misdirected focus. These are the obstacles we place in front of ourselves, subconsciously scuppering our own chances of psychic growth and enlightenment. 

Inverted cards often reveal our inner fears of failure. Inverted cards are also a portal to the past - many of the feelings they uncover are rooted in past experiences that are yet to be resolved or have been swept under the carpet.

If understood correctly, inverted cards can be a vital part of any reading. In order to move forward, we must deal with the past and inverted tarot cards highlight the areas of development we need to focus on.

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