Indian Astrology - Gandanta – The Karmic Knot

In Indian astrology, Gandanta is said to be the junction points in the natal chart where the solar and lunar zodiacs meets. These points, represented by a knot, are particularly associated with times of soul growth.

The Karmic Knot

Gandanta is made up of two Indian words, ‘Gand’, meaning ‘knot’ and ‘Anta’, meaning ‘end’. Gandanta is often referred to as ‘the karmic knot’; the knot at the end that is the hardest to unravel. In spiritual terms, Gandanta represents a knot within ourselves: a deep-rooted or spiritual problem that we have yet to unravel. However, it is only through untying the knot that we will be able to move forward. Gandanta is concerned with a period of self-analysis that allows us to free ourselves from the problems of the present and step into the future, unburdened.

Indian spirituality believes that the soul can only progress to a higher level of spiritual development once it is completely balanced. Gandanta is representative of the attempt to achieve that balance; to reconcile ourselves with the knots we all carry inside us. Those born under Gandanta face a particularly challenging spiritual journey, for they are likely to carry baggage with them far longer than they ought to and may find that they remain spiritually unsupported by those around them. In addition, those who give birth under Gandanta are likely to face similar spiritual challenges.

However, it’s not all bad news, for those who finally manage to untie their knots will find their reward even sweeter, having waited and worked for it.

A Time Of Change

Gandanta always takes place between water and fire signs and can have different effects on each of them. For Revati (Pisces) and Ashwini (Aries), Gandanta speaks of the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new and profoundly-different one. For Ashlesha (Cancer) and Magha (Leo), Gandanta suggests intellectual and emotional change; those in question have prepared their souls to begin experiencing life on a very material level. Jyeshta (Scorpio) and Mula (Sagittarius) experience the greatest transformation. These signs are severing their material ties and preparing their souls for merging with the Universal Consciousness.

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