Indian Astrology – is it relevant to western culture?

Indian astrology is undergoing something of a renaissance in the West, with more and more Western astrologers converting to the ancient, Vedic systems of prediction. It is well-known that Indian astrology is much older than its Western cousin and it is generally considered to be more accurate. But can an ancient belief-system that is struggling to be recognized as a legitimate science be relevant in the modern West?

21st Century Life

The answer is yes. Regardless of how old Indian astrology may be, the themes with which it deals are practically timeless. Ever since man worked out that tomorrow was a new day, he has wondered what will happen to him and how he can find out. These feelings are as strong in the West today as they were in ancient India, when the first astrologers began developing their system. Indian astrology was first introduced into the West in the 1930s, by Swami Vivikananda, but only remained popular for a relatively short time. Given the pressures of 21st Century life, it is not surprising that Westerners are seeking spiritual guidance at a time when life seems to be all about the physical world.

Perhaps the reason that Indian astrology is resonating so strongly with 21st Century Westerners is its roots in spiritualism. The belief is that everything in the universe is interconnected; that all atoms are made by God, from God. In essence, it states that we are all one, reality is an illusion and that, by studying the positions of and the energies generated by the heavenly bodies, we can predict the likely outcomes of any decisions.

Spiritual Significance

Despite its spiritual background, Indian astrology is far more detailed and scientific in its approach than Western. Consequently, its predictions are said to be far more accurate and to contain lessons of important spiritual significance at the same time. It seems that this form of astrology offers a deeper look at ourselves and the role we play in determining our own destinies than its younger, Western counterpart.

Indian astrology is emerging as one of the most important forms of astrology in the world. Despite its age, its resonance is still as fresh in the West today, as it was in the East, thousands of years ago.

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