Should you use the Tarot every day?

In theory, you could use the Tarot every day. However, the real question is why would you want to? The Tarot is not a tool for telling the future or giving direct instructions. It is a tool for self-discovery and self-improvement. Is it possible, then, to overuse the Tarot? Can you have too much of a good thing? Or could you even become ‘addicted’, never making any decision without consulting the cards?

Why Are You Using the Tarot?

The answer boils down to what you want to use it for. Why you want to use the Tarot will influence how you use it and that, in turn, will reveal the frequency with which you ought to use it. The Tarot as a tool only has value when consulted with intent. It can reveal positive and negative aspects of your character and identify obstacles that you are putting in the way of your own happiness. As well as causing us to look inwards, the Tarot also requires that we look outwards and accept the responsibilities we have to others and embrace the roles we play in situations and events.

The Hidden Dangers of Twisting Readings

Once you have received insight from the Tarot, your next step should be to act on it. While each action will have its own consequences and ramifications, the information given to us by the cards should be enough to sustain us until we achieve our aims. It may be that you will occasionally want to reaffirm or challenge what you have learnt as the situation changes, which is perfectly acceptable.

However, if you are consulting the cards on a daily basis, asking the same question over and over you will, ultimately create a dillusionary reading. Over-using the Tarot can cause you to falsify the information you are given until it suits your needs. This is not only pointless, but also could be dangerous. The insight you are given directly reflects your emotional, physical and mental well-being. To ignore this to pursue an answer that you want could lead you to say and do things that are more harmful to your situation and yourself.

The Tarot can be used as often as you see fit, but only if it is used wisely and with respect.

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