In the bleak mid-winter...

We are officially at the most depressing time of the year. With cold weather, little daylight and finances being pushed to their limit, there seems little to get excited about. But we have five helpful Kooma tips to get you out of winter’s doldrums and on your way to a healthy physical and mental attitude to last you way into spring.

Give something back

There’s nothing more personally enriching and rewarding than helping others. After all the festive self-indulgence, it is nice to give something a little back – do some voluntary work, give those unwanted Christmas gifts to charity. Acts of altruism can be strong antidotes to the depression that many experience over the winter months.

Get fit and join a gym

Joining a gym needn’t be an unrealistic New Year’s resolution. It should be something enjoyable and rewarding. The cold weather outside isn’t an excuse not to work up a sweat in the gymnasium and with a personalised routine, it won’t be something you dread. Exercise releases endorphins, giving an increased sense of wellbeing, and best of all the buzz is addictive, so you’ll want to keep at it.

Invest in a Light Lamp

With winter comes shorter days and significantly less sunlight, so many people find that light therapy can be the miracle cure for their winter woes. Delivering light intensity of 10,000 lux, Light Lamps have been proved to be as effective as antidepressant medication on some sufferers and those with clinically diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder have reported substantial relief of their symptoms.

Go for a mid-day stroll

It’s freezing cold outside and oh-so-toasty indoors with that new book and a tin of biscuits, but even though it doesn’t sound ideal, going out for at least 20 minutes every day is actually very important in the winter. In the shorter days it’s key to absorb as much natural light as possible. Midday light especially provides Vitamin D, which helps boost the limbic system – which is at the emotional core of the brain.
Get plenty of Omega-3

The benefits of Omega-3 have been well-publicised over the years. These essential fatty acids have been known to improve circulatory problems that can be more problematic in the winter months. There’s also strong evidence to suggest that Omega-3 can help rheumatoid arthritis, cardiac problems, depression and anxiety. Eating oily fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies and sardines can help, and daily capsules from your local health store can also be beneficial.

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