Improve Your Psychic Knowledge

London’s famous College of Psychic Studies is holding two special events in the next few weeks.

From the 13-16th October Tracey Ash and Suzy Castleman will be working with 'As-ka-ra' and crystal consciousness, as well as channeling healing powers that can help you effectively tap into your destiny.

Then on the 18th of November Dr Christine Page, a gifted healer as well as medical doctor, will be delivering a lecture on the 'Elixir of Life'.

According to Dr Page: "Over the next twenty years humanity is facing opportunities to expand consciousness far beyond what is known today. To help us traverse these unknown waters our ancestors left behind esoteric maps carefully encrypted within the stories of ancient mythology and the science of astrology."

During the evening lecture she will explain the importance of understanding these maps and how to use them in life.

Find out more about these events and book online at:

  • Do You See Colours?

    A number of studies have been conducted into whether people can 'see' colours when looking at words or listening to music. According to recent research by US scientists, as many as one in 2000 people have a condition known as synaesthesia.

    29 September 2008

  • Stones To Energise You

    Feeling in need of a pick-me-up as autumn creeps in? Try bringing yellow topaz and citrine into your life. These two stones are understood to be wonderful energizers, carrying the sun’s energy to ward of those cold-weather blues.

    29 September 2008

  • The Power of Smell

    We all know that a sudden encounter with a particular smell can trigger a memory and transport us back to our childhood or remind us of a holiday abroad. Various studies have been conducted to understand why such a reaction occurs and what effect it might have over us.

    18 September 2008

  • Feel Great and Look Young

    A survey backed by the mental health charity Mind and carried out by the Food and Mood Project revealed that changes in diet can affect not just physical health but mental health also. Results showed that just by cutting down on ‘stress’ foods such as caffeine, sugar and alcohol helped to improve participants' mood.

    18 September 2008

  • Does the music move you?

    More and more people are turning to music as therapy for aid anxiety, to ease pain relief or lift depression. Research has demonstrated that tunes with a strong beat can actually affect our brainwaves to the extent that they sync with the rhythm of the music.

    18 September 2008

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