How to find a good online psychic.

There are so many psychics online that it can be a daunting task to try and find the right one for you. However, there are a few things you can bear in mind that might just help you find the person from which you want to seek advice. Let’s have a look at them.

1) First off, you ought to decide how you want the reading to be conducted. Do want it to take place in a chat room or forum? Would you prefer it to be via email or maybe via web based telephone services, such as Skype? Chat room and forum readings mean that, if you wish, others can add their tuppence to the proceedings. However, if you would prefer to keep your dilemmas away from public opinion, then maybe email, or indeed a phone based psychic service is better. However, if you really want the human touch but don’t fancy the idea of travelling, then Skype or a good old fashioned telephone call might be the best bet. By making these decisions, you are already helping to narrow the goalposts; anyone who doesn’t offer the service you want is off the list.

2) You should also consider what kind of reading you want and what it is you hope to achieve. If you’re looking to gain insight into a particular situation, then you might want to consider Tarot. Those who are looking for some idea of what the future holds would be better off using the services of an astrologer or clairvoyant. If you are looking to try and make contact with someone who has passed away, then you will need the services of a medium. Because there are so many practitioners out there, all held under the umbrella term, ‘psychic’, you can help to reduce your search by specialising. In addition, those who offer their services within a particular field are far more likely to come up with what you want, than someone who appears to do a little bit of everything.

3) Your next step is to do a bit of homework. Once you’ve decided what type of psychic you want, then Google those specific services. On a practical level, check out how they make their charges and what they are; do they charge by the minute or does the fee guarantee you a whole reading? If it’s the latter, then how long does the reading last - and how do you pay? A good psychic will be up to speed with the latest payment methods including in app payments on dedicated smartphone apps.

4) While you’re checking out these sites, have a look at the biographies of each psychic. Do they resonate with you? It might something as simple as a turn of phrase or even a particular picture they have on their site, but if your gut instinct tells you that that person is good, then now is the time to listen to it. You can back up your intuition by checking out their testimonials page; a good psychic will obviously have more than a few satisfied customers up his sleeve. However, steer clear of psychics that claim to be “100% accurate”. Even the most acclaimed psychics concede that there is no such thing and anyone claiming to be that proficient is likely to be a fraud. Just like eBay, many psychics offer a list of reviews; take the time to read them and get a feel for the kind of person you are going to be dealing with.

5) Some of the best psychics offer a few free minutes at the start of a reading. At least 5 minutes  is a good number. This allows you both to see if you are compatible, without having to part with your cash. Look for sites that offer this facility; they tend to be offered by those who have enough belief in their abilities that they feel they can make this provision. During that time, you can decide whether this is a person you feel comfortable working with – which can be especially important if your session is conducted through a telephone service.

6) It doesn’t all have to be about trawling the Internet. If you have a friend or family member who has used the services of a psychic then ask them their opinion. Word of mouth is still the most reliable and trustworthy form of recommendation and you can gain insights from first-hand experience.

7) Draw up a shortlist of the three psychics that appeal to you the most. You can compare and contrast them on paper, weighing up their perceived pros and cons or you can take a chance and contact them. If they offer free minutes, then take them up on the offer and don’t be afraid to bring the session to a close within that time, if you don’t feel that you’re making a connection with that psychic.

8) Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A good reader will take the time to ensure you understand every aspect of what it is they do and what is expected of you. A good reading relies on mutual communication and this can mean ensuring that both you and the reader are going to be comfortable with what is to come and with each other. If your questions are glossed over or go unanswered, then draw things to a close; it’s your money and you get to choose where you spend it.

9) Beware of any readers who tell you that they are the only ones who can help you. In addition, watch out for those who suddenly throw hidden and over-priced extras into the mix, such as expensive spells or candles. You don’t need them and that are not what you’re paying for. And if anyone threatens you with a curse or bad luck, cut them dead. If they have to resort to those tactics, they have no power at all and their curses are powerless.

10) Be honest. A psychic can only be as good as the information you give them. However, if they start asking about credit card numbers or want your address, terminate the session immediately.


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