How does your Tarot reading tie in with your star sign?


The art of the Tarot Cards and the science of Astrology have often been perceived as two separate fields. However, there are strong links between both practices, which can help enrich your Tarot readings and give you greater insight into how you can shape your destiny.


Unlike astrology, the Tarot is not a method for predicting the future. Instead, it is a tool through which a seeker can gain greater self-knowledge and an overview of the role they play in their own life and just how they fit in to the lives of others. Using cards and questions, a seeker uses a reader as a conduit to higher energies to discern the positive and negative forces at play in their lives. Often, the majority of these energies are those generated by the seeker himself and it is up to the reader to intuit and interpret them correctly, to give the seeker an overview of their spiritual progression. Many of the cards are said to represent archetypes within the human psyche; aspects of ourselves that we subconsciously lean towards


By contrast, astrology is all about prediction. Using the positions of the heavenly bodies, astrologers chart the energies they generate and use them to predict how they will affect our thoughts and deeds. Many systems use the belief that because each of us was born under different energies, we behave in accordance with the forces associated with our star-signs.

What really links astrology and the Tarot is energy: readers tune in to higher bandwidths of psychic energy to see how the seeker is interacting, while astrologers how planetary energies are affecting us. If you are aware of the traits of your star-sign, you can factor these into your Tarot reading. While astrology might not be able to predict exactly what we will do and how we will do it, it can highlight the choices we are likely to make. Using the Tarot can let us know just how those choices might affect us on a spiritual level.

Combining astrology with a Tarot reading can give you an even deeper insight into why you make certain choices and, if they are negative, how to avoid repeating them.

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