How Your Psychic Intuition Can Help You At Work

Intuition is one of the latent psychic talents we are all born with. However, it is often ignored in favour of logic and pedantry; when dealing with problems and situations on a day-to-day level, we are encouraged to take a step back and try and view the situation from a cold, almost clinical, point of view. What few people realise is that intuition can often be a valuable tool, both in our private lives and, especially, in the workplace.

A Gut Feeling

Most of us have experienced a ‘gut feeling’ about someone; we seem to know instinctively whether that person is someone we want to associate with or not. It may be that there is a sense that that person is not telling the truth or has a hidden agenda or, conversely, that they are entirely honest and should be trusted implicitly. The same can be said of situations; the feeling that an event or decision has good or bad consequences, but there may be no logical evidence to support this feeling. This is our intuition at work.

Behind the Mask

While we all present a mask to the world, presenting what we want others to see, there is also a lot going on, unseen, under its surface. These hidden thoughts and feelings are linked very closely to the subconscious which, despite our efforts to hide them, are continually transmitted. The subconscious is like a two-way radio. It both sends and receives signals that are invisible on a conscious level. While we are talking to someone, our respective subconscious selves are communicating in a higher form. This is where we get our ‘gut feelings’ from. Just as your subconscious is able to send and receive positive energy, it can also detect negative energies.

Often, these can be read as body language or facial ‘tells’, but there are other energies at play. Being in tune with your intuitive abilities can put you at a distinct advantage in business. How useful would it be to tell whether someone is lying or not. By taking the time to explore these abilities, you can put yourself in a position to outwit those who wish to do you harm and strengthen bonds with those who are on your side.

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