How Venus Influences Your Star Sign

Named after the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, most of us are aware that Venus is the planet associated with all things romantic. Venus completes a full orbit about once a year, so its influence is distributed fairly evenly between the 12 signs of the zodiac. Its main qualities are its focus on someone’s kindness, sensitivity and compassion. However, you might not be aware that the planet of love can also be the planet of laziness, apathy and indecision. Let’s have a look at how Venus might influence your star sign.

The planet of love

 Venus tends to be the governing planet when it comes to relationship. Its influence can reveal to you just what it is you want out of a relationship, how you view your relationships, how you conduct yourself within a relationship and the type of person you are attracted – although not necessarily who you are compatible with. Most of the myths and legends surrounding the planet signify its association with matters of the heart.

 However, matters of the heart often require that decisions are made and the influence of Venus will highlight and accentuate that sign’s natural decisive or indecisive nature. Those who know what they want will suddenly realise that they know how to get it and those who are unsure or insecure will find it even harder to decide what to do.

 Your perception of relationships

 Understanding how Venus influences your sign can give you greater insight into the way you perceive the concept of relationships, as it will have a pronounced effect on the more sensitive aspects your personality. For example, Aries is well known as a fiery, headstrong sign. With Venus in ascension, those qualities will be exaggerated and the Ram will rush headlong into a relationship brimming with passion but without considering the consequences. Leo, which loves being the centre of attention, will react as though they are the lead part in a romantic film and go for someone who will offer all the promise of drama and intensity.

 The planet can also affect how you will behave within the perceived confines of a partnership, highlighting those aspects of ourselves that we tend to keep hidden. For example, the natural possessiveness of Scorpio may come to the surface in the form of jealousy, while the free-spirited Aquarius may suddenly find that the parameters of a relationship are too much for them and become elusive or even decide to walk out of the situation. As you can see, having Venus present in your star sign isn’t a passport to love; in many ways it can mean that you have to work harder to get what you want. Let’s have a look at how the planet influences each of the signs in the zodiac:

Venus and the signs of the zodiac

 ● Aries. While we know that Venus can exacerbate the Ram’s headstrong temperament, this can work in their favour. In making mistakes, Aries will slowly learn that blinkered vision isn’t always a good thing.

 ● Taurus. The Bull is a slow and steady creature and its shoulders are broad enough to bear the influence of Venus and spread it evenly throughout. However, the Bull’s usual slow and plodding demeanour can make it appear indecisive, although it will not have given up on its goal; it might just take a little longer to get there than it usually does.

 ● Gemini is the sign of communication. However, under the influence of Venus, this can mean that the Twins communicate too casually and find themselves embroiled in complicated emotional situations, as a result. When Venus is in the house, it’s not uncommon to find a Gemini involved in two or more relationships at once.

 ● Leo. We know that the Lion hogs the limelight and has, under Venus’ influence, a penchant for the dramatic. However, it can also highlight the Lion’s more artistic qualities and it’s under this planet that Leos might find themselves getting involved in pursuits such as amateur dramatics or painting. Venus inspires the Lion to reveal its innate creativity.

● Virgo. This sign is preoccupied with a quest for perfection. Under Venus, this quest becomes even more particular and Virgos may find fault with an existing partner or refuse to commit to a new relationship. However, if they find that their partner does meet their rigorous criteria, they will invest themselves in that person on a much deeper level.

 ● Libra. The scales are constantly striving for balance, weighing their insecurities up against their positive qualities. For most of the year, Librans are cursed with self-doubt as the scales tend to tip in favour of the negative. However, the presence of Venus gives the sign real confidence boost and, when the planet is in this sign, Librans will feel happier in their own skins. This will percolate into their other relationships, making them more fulfilling and rewarding.

● Scorpio. Under Venus, this sign can become possessive and jealous. However, the planet also releases the Scorpion’s sensual nature and they will find themselves more attractive to others, in addition to finding others more attractive. For single Scorpions, this can be a time of love in abundance but, for those in partnerships, it can spell the beginnings of infidelity.

● Sagittarius. This sign is naturally intuitive and the presence of Venus only serves to heighten this ability. Sagittarians will find that their relationships become more personal, intimate and caring. This isn’t confined to romantic attachments; their friends will find that they have someone who really understands them and is prepared to listen to their problems.

● Capricorn. The goat is ambitious and while Venus encourages this, it also means that they will make some decisions about who they trust in life. For Capricorns, experience is everything and they may find that they are attracted to those who are older than them; age equals experience and, in some respects, the Goat likes to travel on well-worn and trustworthy paths.

 ● Aquarius. This sign is naturally gregarious and the influence of Venus means that they may trust too easily. Aquarians are usually good judges of character, but when the planet of love is in ascendance that judgement is often weakened and they may find themselves in relationships they would otherwise avoid.

● Pisces. The Fish are prone to flights of fancy and Venus’ romantic influence makes them hard to pin down. Flighty and non-committal, the Fish are, nonetheless, fully invested in each of the relationships that they invest in. Pisces people are the spirit of free love and Venus gives them an opportunity to revel in the emotional and sexual currents that flow around them


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