How Truthful Are You?

Ever have difficulty working out whether someone is being completely honest or a big fat fibber? Check up on their star sign and find out how truthful they tend to be...

Leo: Loves to exaggerate and put a spin on stories, but their lies are generally of the small and white variety.

Virgo: Has a tendency to nit-pick and criticise, but at least you can be fairly sure they're being completely honest.

Libra: It's tricky to know when something's the matter with a Libran because they'll be smiling on the outside even when they're seething on the inside.

Scorpio: Hugely private, Scorpios like to keep their secrets to themselves. Trying to get information from them they don't want to give is like getting blood out of a stone.

Sagittarius: Completely open books and honest to a fault. Whilst this has its obvious positives, it can also mean they're brutally tactless.

Capricorn: Can sometimes be perceived as icy cold, but secretly really care what people think of them. Sometimes reluctant to let you get too close.

Aquarius: Natural born rebels who refuse to live by any standards other than their own. They'll make their own decisions about what to let on and to whom.

Pisces: Often has an urge to escape, meaning they may be hiding from something in their lives. They could be lying to themselves as much as to you.

Aries: Hot and fiery on the outside, but these rams are really trying to hide their soft and sensitive side. Just don't ever let on that you know…

Taurus: They will never tell you this, but secretly Taureans love to be cared for. Their insecurity can also make them hoarders.

Gemini: The sign of the twin, Geminis have a tendency to be schizophrenic, so you never know which side of them you'll come across. Often they don't even know themselves!

Cancer: One of the most emotional and insecure of all the signs, a Crab needs to be cared for. If that's not your thing, let them look after you and they'll be just as happy.

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