How To Use Your Psychic Intuition To Help You Get Ahead At Work

Most of us have an idea of what intuition is. You may have had a feeling that you’ve described as a ‘hunch’ or a ‘gut feeling’ or just a sense that you knew instantly what was required in a certain situation. The dictionary describes this phenomenon as ‘direct knowing’; the ability to suddenly perceive knowledge that we have no knowledge of. If used in the workplace, this ability could help to set you apart from your peers.

Intuition in Action

Many industries are acknowledging the use of intuition as a beneficial tool. The University of Minnesota hosted a discussion surrounding the use of intuition by healthcare professionals. Research has been conducted into this since 2001 and the discussion looked at the results, before drawing several conclusions. Among these, the most pertinent ones were that “intuition is an important tool in nursing practice and part of nurses’ synergistic response to patients and events” and “nurses with greater expertise and experience are more likely to use intuition to make decisions or evaluate patients’ conditions than nurses with less.”

However, intuition is not the monopoly of the medical profession; we all possess this ability and we can all learn to use it more readily. You may already be aware of certain feelings you have regarding people or decisions in your workplace. These are not just whims or fancies; these are messages from your subconscious, expressing confidence or doubt. If you are able to harness these abilities, you will be able to read people and situations quicker and with more clarity, putting you ahead of the game.

Developing Your Abilities

Meditation is a great tool to unlocking your intuitive powers. You can either find some time during the day or wait until you are just falling asleep or waking. These states are all very similar, in that the conscious and the subconscious are both active and can be easily accessed. Using your conscious mind, instruct your subconscious to assess people and situations and respond accordingly. You may find that your instincts increase when you encounter those people or you may find that your psyche prefers to communicate through dreams.

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