How To Recognise The Signs Of A Psychic Attack

Psychic attacks are best described as the wilful communication of negative energies from one person to another. Often, we recognise these people on a subconscious level, marking them as someone to avoid or as having a bad ‘gut feeling’ about them. In addition, psychic attacks can have far-reaching consequences for the victims, often becoming manifest as illness or emotional problems. But how do you recognise a psychic attack?


Trust your Instincts

The first thing to do is to trust your instincts. Your subconscious is like a radio transmitter and receiver, all in one. We all radiate energies, both positive and negative, depending on our state of inner harmony. In turn, you are able to receive energies radiated by others; perhaps you are able to tell what someone is thinking or you are aware of a certain presence they seem to project. Often what is perceived as a psychic attack can simply be being in the presence of someone who is suffering psychic disharmony. If you are sensitive, you may find their demeanour or mood to be almost contagious and you may find yourself feeling down or depressed in their company.


The Symptoms of an Attack

A psychic attack is when someone consciously transmits bad feelings or negative energies towards you. These can be in the form of thoughts, words or deeds and are usually subtle and pernicious; these are the sort of things that ‘get under your skin’ while you’re thinking about other things. However, you may start to notice changes in the way you think, act and feel – particularly when you think about your attacker or are in their presence. Common symptoms include lack of self-confidence, lack of energy, losing that creative spark and an inability to focus clearly on certain thoughts. 


Healing Yourself

Certainly, removing yourself from that person’s company or cutting them out of your life entirely is a start, but it is not the end of the problem; you also need to rid yourself of any negativity that they may have forced upon you. Meditation and positive visualisation are two very effective methods of cleaning your psyche and allowing it to heal.


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