How To Read Auras

An aura is the physical manifestation of the electrical field generated by all living things. Some people suggest that the haloes of light surrounding the heads of saints and other holy figures are representative of their auras. Those who can read auras believe that it is possible to gain insight into a person’s spiritual, physical and mental well-being. Learning to read auras takes a little concentration and an understanding of what the colours that can be seen.

First Steps in Aura Reading

To begin learning to read auras, you will need soft lighting and a piece of white card. It is first important to relax as much as possible – particularly your eyes – so assume a comfortable position and close your eyes. You can use this time to clear your mind of all your stresses and strains, achieving a light trance-like state. When you feel relaxed, sit up and place your hand on the piece of card and, keeping your eyes relaxed, look at it. The important thing is not to stare directly at your hand; instead, you should be looking at the areas between your fingers and around your fingertips.

After a while, you should see a soft haze surrounding your hand and this may focus to form a silhouette of colour surrounding it. Initially, you may only see one colour; further practice will reveal more. After a while, your eyes will become accustomed to working in this way and you may want to try it on a person. Follow the same principle: seat them against a pale background in soft light and then look at the space around their head. You may find you take a step or two back and can only see one colour again. Persevere and the colours will return. Important colours in aura-readings are:

1) Red: the colour of strength, passion and determination.

2) Black: the colour of self-protection.

3) Green: the colour of sympathy and serenity.

4) Blue: the colour of quiet and calm.

5) Yellow: the colour of mental activity and optimism.

6) Orange: the colour of warmth, creativity and thoughtfulness.

7) Pink: the colour of love and romantic intention.


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