How To Meet Your Soul Mate

We’re often told that the key to complete happiness within your relationship is to find your soul mate. However, many of us aren’t fully aware of what a soul mate is. Certainly, we know that it’s supposed to be the person who completes us in some fashion, as though they possess the ‘missing’ piece of our soul. They are the person who somehow ‘completes’ us. Yet, there is much more to being a soul mate than simply being the opposite side of the same coin. Learn what it truly means to have a soul mate and you’ll better understand how to meet yours.

What is a Soul Mate?

 A soul mate is much more than someone who likes the same things as we do. However, according to many dating sites and advice columns, once we have found our soul mate, our journey along love’s path is completed and we will live in romantic bliss. Unfortunately, this misrepresents what a soul mate actually is, and many people don’t even realise they are already with their soul mate until the relationship has developed over a number of years.

Finding your soul mate is part of a process; it’s not receiving all the answers on a plate. The early stages of any relationship are exciting and romantic, and it feels as though that person can do no wrong - perhaps they are your soul mate? However, allow a year to pass and, more often than not, that other person’s faults and foibles become more apparent, often to the point where the relationship starts to break down. Finding a soul mate can, initially, feel no different to starting a relationship with someone with whom you are destined to break up.

The secret to understanding what a soul mate is to perceive it on a psychic level. Our subconscious selves act like two-way radios, constantly sending and receiving psychic signals. On a daily basis we probe and test the psychic data sent to us by those around us, just as they probe and test the signals we transmit. The signals sent by a soul mate will not provide all the answers at once. Instead, they will show a willingness to grow and learn.

 Loneliness in Relationships

The relationship between two soul mates is never perfect; there is no such thing. It will be fraught with the same trials and tribulations of any other couple. However, it will be underscored by a deep, psychic agreement that the experiences they share – both good and bad – are part of a process through which they will help to facilitate each other’s psychic and spiritual evolution. In other words, they will grow together, learning from both the positive and negative moments they engender together. Too often, it is all too possible to feel at your loneliest whilst in a relationship. This is because we are all looking for that someone with whom we can share life’s spiritual journey. Even though we may be in company on a physical level, if we are not connected with the understanding of sharing life and all its experiences, then we might as well be alone. Soul mates are prepared to teach and learn from each other.

However, the quest to find your soul mate can appear to be an endless one. While agony aunts and newspapers suggest that we haunt the deli counters or prowl gyms and Internet cafés in the hope of a chance encounter, the truth is that the journey to finding your soul mate begins with yourself. In many ways, the psychic signature that you will exchange with your soul mate is engraved on your psychic essence, and the more you learn about what it is you are transmitting, the greater your chance of speeding up the process of meeting that person who ‘completes’ you. So, what can you do to be sure that you are attracting the right person?

Finding your Soul Mate

 1) Examine your past. We are all the result of what has happened to us over the course of our lives. However, it is what we have learned from those experiences that have the greatest effect on the psychic energy we transmit. If you are still harbouring resentment, bitterness or anger over a previous relationship, then it is time to step back and reassess the situation. Rather than looking at the negative experiences you may have undergone in that relationship, you need to be big enough to see what it has taught you about yourself. It may be that you have learnt about your hidden strengths or your weaknesses; whatever you can put your hands up to is a positive step. Relationships can be like scars. Initially, they hurt and we can’t bear to look at them. However, over time, they become part of us and we forget about them until someone asks how we achieved that scar. If we are being truly positive, we are able to tell the story behind it honestly, openly and with a sense of fondness.

2) Fill your heart. If you are waiting for someone to fill your life, then all you will have to offer them in return is emptiness. New experiences, challenges and people are food for your psychic centre; they can increase your sense of positivity, self-worth and even have physical benefits. The richer your life is, the more you will learn about yourself and the more you will have to share.

 3) Rather than focusing on what you think you want from another person, focus on what you think you want from yourself. If you are aware of areas of your life that need improving, then set the wheels in motion, yourself. Your soul mate is not a cure-all, nor do they possess a magic wand with which to solve all your problems. In addition, steer clear of the approach that suggests that you visualise the perfect partner. Too often, this results in us creating tight parameters when, in actual fact, we should be looking much deeper than physical attraction or fiscal worth. A soul mate is someone with whom we can learn about ourselves on a deeper and more profound level.


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