How To Do A Psychic ‘Spring Clean’

There comes a point when we look around our homes, when we decide it is time for a spring clean. Over the years, we can accumulate items that, while they start off having some use or meaning, can become useless or even harbour bad memories; clutter. Clutter can prevent us from using our homes to their full benefit, can keep us rooted in the past and leave no room to move forward. The same is true of our psyches: too much clutter means that you are not moving forward in your life and that it is time to let things go.

Moving On

As we move through our lives, our psyches accumulate memories, feelings and emotions. Often, these can be the result of negative experiences; it can be very hard to move on from situations that have hurt us in some way. As a result, we can find certain songs hard to listen to, certain places impossible to visit and certain people difficult to be around. Ultimately, these memories and emotions can conspire to rob us of our self-confidence and cause us to stagnate, not enjoying the present or the future; merely wallowing in the past.

Positive Visualisation

Ridding yourself of psychic clutter can be hard work, but the benefits are worthwhile. It can seem that these psychic artefacts have become part of us, but this is only a symptom of the negative energies attempting to undermine your inner strength. Begin through meditation. Clearing your mind of the details of your daily life will create a clear channel through which your subconscious can let you know what is important and what’s not. Visualise the people, places or artefacts that mean something negative to you.

Start by projecting that image, in full colour, in your mind’s eye. As you do so, explore and experience the emotions you associate with that representation. Once you have fully explored it, start to mentally make the picture smaller and fade the colours from it. As the picture fades, screw it up like a piece of paper and throw it away from you. Simple visualisations such as this can help you reclaim your mental space.

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