How To Choose The Right Tarot Deck For You

A major part of using the Tarot is intuition, so it might seem right to choose your deck using this talent; there are other factors you may want to consider. Who’s it For? What is the deck for? Are you someone who is looking to give readings to others or do you prefer to use them for yourself, as a guide towards self-knowledge?

If you are using them purely as a tool for yourself, then intuition certainly has its place in choosing the right deck for you. It may be the pictures that attract you or the font; whatever it is, your innate ability to intuit will very likely draw you to the deck that suits your personality the best. However, if you are a beginner, you may want to consider cards that are annotated. Some decks carry notes or short paragraphs on them, giving a chance to quickly divine their meaning, without having to flip through guide-books. This can help your fluency with the cards and leave your intuition free to divine just what they mean to you.

Reading For Others

If you are choosing a deck with the intent of a tarot reading for other people, your parameters may be narrower. You do not want to choose a deck that alienates a seeker; some decks carry gothic art or art that can be perceived as sinister, which can hamper a reading. A better approach is to choose a deck with neutral or even positive-looking artwork; you want your seekers to be at ease with the deck and not distracted by depictions that might make them uncomfortable. In addition, the feel of your cards can be important: the seeker and their relationship with the cards are all-important.

While having cards made from an unusual material may appeal to you, it may not appeal to anyone else. Some readers like to have annotated cards to convey to seekers that there is no sleight of hand or deception involved. With meanings presented clearly, those new to the Tarot can be made to feel included in the process of divination and feel less worried about what these strange pictures may mean.

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