How Instinct Can Lead You To Choose Your Tarot Cards In A Reading

When people think of Tarot, they often think of gypsy women in incense-filled tents, using magical powers to see into the future. However, the truth of the matter is far less fantastical and something that we all can tune into.

Latent Psychic Abilities

The Tarot cards are not a way of seeing into the future. Instead, they are a way of looking into your own subconscious and recognising aspects of yourself that may either be contributing to or hampering your attempts to shape the destiny you desire. The deck can give you insight into the role you play in your own spiritual development and the role you play in the lives of others. In addition, you can gain an overview of love, money and career matters. But how are the cards able to reveal these developments?

The answer is that they don’t. Each card carries a picture with an associated story. The pictures and the stories can be applied to the seeker’s questions, highlighting aspects of their personalities, emotions and intent. In effect, the cards can be seen as extensions of the subconscious; a theory championed by the Swiss psychoanalyst, Carl Jung. Your subconscious will operate on a level beyond your physical senses to choose the cards that best express how you secretly feel about people, life or situations. This, however, isn’t magic, simply using the latent psychic abilities that we are all born with, but often forget how to use.

An Accurate Interpretation

Jung saw the Tarot as a tool for diagnosing someone’s metal state, through analyzing the cards they pick. Readers see the cards as a conduit for the seeker’s subconscious to ‘speak’ through. By keeping a question in mind, the subconscious communicates its feelings through intuitively choosing the cards that best represent what it has to say. In addition, the reader must use his psychic gifts to tune into the energies transmitted by the seeker’s subconscious. Only by doing so will he be able to offer an accurate interpretation of what is being said.

There is no magic involved in a Tarot reading, but there are energies at play that operate beyond the physical realm.

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