How Happy Does Your Job Make You?

If you ever thought that high-earners must be happy in their jobs, think again. According to a recent survey, London's high-flying City workers and builders are the least content employees.

Topping the list of happiest workers were beauty therapists and hairdressers.

The survey demonstrated that it’s not a bulging pay packet that makes people stick at a profession, with fewer than half of all respondents saying that they would stay at a job purely because of the wages. Instead, having a good work-life balance and getting on well with colleagues were the things most likely to put a spring in our step on a Monday morning.

Following beauty therapists and hairdressers came the Armed Forces, catering/chefs, retail staff, teachers, marketing/public relations, accountants, secretaries/receptionists, plumbers, engineers, architects, journalists, mechanics/automotive, human resources, call centre, IT specialists, nurses, banker/financial and builders/construction.

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