How Can You Awaken Your Inner Psychic?


Most psychics believe that we are all born with innate psychic abilities. However, just as we are all born with muscles, only some of us go on to train and develop them further. Through relearning an awareness of the powers that are as much a part of us as the colour of our eyes, we can discover our true potential as complete beings. There are a number of exercises that anyone can practice that, over time, will reveal to you a wealth of gifts and talents that you can share with those around you and help you to lead a more fulfilling life.

What are psychic abilities?

 There is little mystery to psychic powers. In essence, they are the manifestation of our higher selves; our subconscious minds. Science has proven that all matter is merely energy condensed to a very slow vibration. While this is true of our physical forms, our consciousnesses and subconsciousnesses vibrate at a higher frequency, rendering them invisible to our usual fields of perception. Our subconscious minds generate positive and negative energy, on wavelengths that are beyond the capacity of most of us to register in any detail.

However, most of us have had the experience of instinctively ‘knowing’ when someone is feeling down, even when they are trying to hide it. Similarly, many of us have experienced the phenomenon of knowing who is on the end of the telephone before you answer it or having a ‘gut feeling’ about a person, place or situation. These are all instances of our latent psychic abilities at work.

 Someone who has taken the time to exercise and harness their psychic powers can turn those basic feelings into something much more powerful. Powers such as clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, mediumship and spiritual healing are all examples of heightened intuition. These people are, in essence, no different to anyone else, other than they have trained their subconscious minds to be more receptive to the energies they receive and transmit, giving them abilities that are perceived to be extraordinary. However, they are merely extensions of abilities that we are all born with. There is no exterior ‘power source’ or magical supply for these gifts.

Changing your perceptions

 Perhaps the first step to awakening your inner psychic is to admit to yourself that you are ready to believe that there is more to your existence than that which is registered by your physical senses. Once you accept this concept, you are ready to change the way in which you perceive the world, which is an important part of developing your psychic powers. Many of the exercises involve visualisation, which is a way of letting your subconscious know that you are ready to embrace all that it has to offer.

 The subconscious mind cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. Consider when you have been watching a tense film; your body reacts to moments of suspense with all the symptoms of the fight or flight response. You conscious mind, however, knows that you are just watching a film. Your subconscious cannot tell the difference and makes your body react accordingly. Similarly, your higher self uses apparently random images to communicate your inner thoughts and feelings, which all of us experience in our dreams. To communicate with our subconscious minds, we need to achieve a state that is similar to the one just between sleep and waking and use abstract imagery to instruct our psychic selves to flex its muscles.

 Psychic Exercises

● The Energy Ball. Take some time to relax and enter a meditative state, similar to the feeling you get as you are waking from sleep. You may find that your thoughts are many and disorganised. Focus your mind and put your hands out in front of you, about 18 inches apart, with your palms facing each other. Visualise a ball of white light between them and focus on it until you can feel that energy. Once you have registered it, close and widen the distance between your hands, noting when the sensation disappears and when it is the strongest. This exercise may prove useful for spiritual healers and those with empathic abilities.

 ● The Grounding Stars. This exercise is best performed in the standing position, although it can be undertaken sitting down. Once again, meditate yourself into a light trance. This time, visualise a small star about two feet above your head and another the same distance directly below your feet. Once you have established that picture, join the two starts with a silver cord that passes straight through you. Imagine light or energy flowing from the upper star to the lower one and back again. As you do so, take the time to experience the sense of peace and serenity that comes with this visualisation. This exercise helps to heighten your psychic awareness and strengthen you ability to intuit.

 ● Opening your Third Eye. Although there isn’t an actual ‘third eye,’ the area between your physical eyes is often the focus for psychic activity. Relax in a comfortable position and close your eye. You will possibly see shapes and colours, which is light penetrating parts of your eyelid. Focus on the area between your eyes, just above the bridge of your nose, which may start to tingle as it kicks into life. Whilst you experience that feeling, try and ‘look’ beyond your eyelids. Focus your physical eyes as though you were staring into the distance and maintain that focus. You may find that amongst the shapes and colours you see, faces, shapes and even words start to form. This exercise is great for those who feel they might have clairvoyant, precognitive or even medium abilities.

There are many different ways to tap into your psychic powers and many different exercises to strengthen them. If you feel you have a particular gift for something, research exercises that will specifically strengthen that ability. Although it won’t be an overnight success, over time and with practice you will come to notice an increase in your general awareness and the psychic abilities you are working on.


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