How Can We Stay In Touch With Those Who Have Crossed Over?

The death of a loved one is something that we all experience at some time in our lives. The feelings of sadness and grief that come with someone’s passing can be hard to bear and, even if we believe that death is not the end, we are certainly aware of the separation.

 What the majority of us wish for is some more time together or a sign that the deceased is somehow still present in our lives. Many people believe that we can achieve these precious moments, using the various methods of spiritual communication that are at our disposal.

 Communicating with the dead

Communicating with the dead often conjures images of darkened rooms, crystal balls and ‘knock once for yes and twice for no.’ However, these are relics from the Victorian era, when séances and other paranormal parlour-games were put on by charlatans and fraudsters to amaze and bewilder the rich. Today, contacting the dead is a much more understated affair and can take a variety of forms. What they all tend to have in common, though, is a lack of theatrics and the respect of the medium for both the person who has been left behind and the spirit of the deceased with whom they are trying to make contact.

There are certain ‘rules’ that anyone who wants to communicate with a spirit should be aware of:

● Moderation. Communication of this sort should not be carried out every day. Partly, this is out of respect for the dead and to honour their existence in a new realm and partly it is to minimise the risk of negative energies being directed where they shouldn’t. Communicating with the dead should be used only once or twice within a year.

 ● Defence. Whether your medium asks you to or not, you should take the time to create a psychic shield to deflect any malign energies that might be lurking. Visualise yourself protected by a barrier of white light and make the affirmation that only benign spirits will be able to pass through and make contact with you.

● Intent. Ensure that you’re doing this for the right reasons. Any attempts to communicate with the dead for fun or to somehow manipulate them will backfire. You motives must be pure and for no other gain than to share some precious time with a loved on who is now in the spirit realm.

 Many people are aware of the concept of séances, but few are aware that this can take different forms.

 Using the Tarot

The Tarot cards are primarily used as a tool for divination and expanding self-awareness, but many readers use them as a method for contacting the dead too. Whilst it is possible to conduct this form of séance on your own, it is far better to place yourself in the hands of a gifted medium.

 The reader should begin by shuffling the cards and inviting the spirit of the person you want to contact for a friendly chat. You may well sense the arrival of that spirit as a presence in the room. You can either ask questions yourself or allow the reader to ask questions on your behalf, but the spirit will then guide your hand to draw particular cards from the Tarot deck, which the reader will then interpret. This allows you to gain deep insight into the answers you are given, which is infinitely more satisfying than the clichéd yes and no scenarios from the past.

Candle scrying

Candle scrying is another popular method but, again, should be conducted under the watchful eyes of an experienced psychic. After the necessary precautions, a candle is lit and the querent needs to focus on the person they want to make contact with. At the same time, they should gaze into the flame, keeping that person firmly fixed in their mind. After a while, you may experience ‘visions,’ rather like daydreams, in which the person you are contacting may show themselves or reveal aspects of their lives that were previously hidden. This is far less satisfactory than using Tarot cards, as a connection of this sort is hard to sustain and gives only fleeting glimpses of the spirit in question.

Ouija boards

Ouija boards are possibly the most famous, yet misunderstood of all the methods of spiritual communication. Sensationalised by film and television, what started out as a simple parlour game has now gained a reputation for being a magnet for evil spirits. The truth of the matter is that all forms of spirit communication are risky but, as long as you take the right precautions and use the services of an experienced medium, it is no more dangerous than crossing the road.

 A glass or counter is placed on a circular board that bears letters of the alphabet and even full sentences. Once the session is underway, the participants should be aware of an external force moving the counter to spell out the answers to the questions asked. That force – assuming no-one is sabotaging the séance – is the spirit that has answered the call. In theory, it should be the spirit that you are trying to contact, but this can easily be verified by asking pertinent and personal questions. Problems tend to arise if the summoner just attempts to communicate with random spirits. While familiar spirits are benign and only looking to comfort or reassure, other spirits may not be so friendly.

Using a medium

 The final method is to seek the services of a medium who has heightened their powers to such a degree that they can send out and receive psychic signals across the divide that separates the physical realm and the spirit world. This is by far the safest and often the most satisfying form of spiritual communication – especially for the querent, who can hand all the hard work over to someone who has experience in this field.

 Losing a loved one doesn’t mean you have to lose contact; there are various means through which you can communicate. However, as you would when employing anyone to do a job for you, be sure to shop around and check the credentials of those you are considering using to act as a conduit on your behalf.

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