How Accurate Are Online Tarot Readings?

There are a growing number of Tarot websites that offer online Tarot readings. In essence, the practice is the same: there is a questioner, a reader and a deck of Tarot cards. However, the obvious difference is that the two parties are separate. Does this affect the accuracy of a Tarot reading?

Subconscious Communication

While Tarot readings may, on face-value, seem to be governed by the laws of chance, there are much more subtle energies at play. While the cards drawn by the seeker, or in some cases, the reader, may appear to be completely random, true readings rely heavily on intuition and communication from the seeker’s subconscious. What may appear to be random choices are actually governed by the subconscious intuiting which cards are most pertinent; the seeker or reader often ‘senses’ which cards to draw, often on an unconscious level.

The interpretation of the messages given by the cards is also an intuitive event. The reader is given some background to the seeker’s circumstances and uses this information, alongside their innate psychic abilities, to apply the meanings of the cards’ depictions to the seeker’s life.

Human Contact

The physical distance between the seeker and the reader need not have any effect on the accuracy of a reading. Indeed, it may serve as an advantage, in some cases. Too often, people are hoodwinked by charlatans who read body-language and ask leading questions in order to obtain information about their clients – without their clients realising it. An online Tarot reading removes that possibility, so you know that the insights you are receiving are genuine and intuitive. Interpretations are based on the exchange of psychic energies between the two parties, without any room for trickery.

Online psychics are chosen for their abilities to connect with their clients across great distances. As a consequence, they may not operate ‘regular’ hours; often, they decide only to offer their services when their psychic batteries are fully charged and they feel that they can make the necessary connections as strongly as possible. While reading Tarot cards is an ancient practice, it has evolved to affirm its place in the 21st Century. Neither distance nor being unable to see each other need affect the accuracy of an online reading; the energies at play go far beyond the realms of the physical.


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