Holidays With Free Cultural Experiences

Looking for something a bit different for your next holiday? The Amanjiwo Resort in Java, Indonesia is offering guests a host of complimentary cultural experiences, including a fortune telling session with royal astrologer Pak Guno.

The hotel is situated amidst a ring of volcanoes and overlooks Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary. Dating from the eight century, this stunning area has been designated a World Heritage Site.

The resort is offering three free cultural experiences for their guests from a choice of twelve. As well as a session with Pak Guno, there’s also a hike in the Menoreh hills, a guided tour of Borobudur, a visit to a 'home restaurant' to watch local dishes being prepared and much more.

The offer is valid for bookings of three nights or more until March 2009 – find out more at

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