Here comes the science… we’re all psychic

For those scienctific nerds amongst us, we wanted to flag up a new book The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena by Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell.

For such a long time, psychic phenomena has been at odds with a more ‘scientific’ stance, but in her new book Dr. Diane, a practicing psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and contributor to the Institute of Noetic Sciences, delves deeper. And apparently, we are in the middle of a shift in understanding consciousness.

She says, ‘Consciousness has the properties of a force that can act upon the physical world both locally and remotely.’

Still with us? In a nutshell, Diane proposes that psychic phenomena appear to be real and a potential in everyone and places the blame on Western culture’s left-brained dominance for our inability to use our intuition and psychic abilities.

She says, ‘Turning a blind eye to psychic phenomena is no more an option than refusing to believe that spacecraft landed on the moon simply because we cannot explain the physics that made such a feat possible.’

Find out more here.

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