Going grey… What’s the deal?

OK, you can’t turn back time (unless you’re Cher) but what’s the story with greying hair – do you have any control over it?

Well, a new survey has got to the root (geddit?!) of the matter, suggesting that it’s all down to DNA damage, brought on by the sun, smoking or an unhealthy lifestyle.

Japanese scientists have revealed that DNA damage to – here’s the science – melanocyte stem cells in mice, the cells that produce hair's colour pigment melanin, leads to your hair changing colour.

Apparently, it’s the DNA damage accumulated in stem cells, the basic cells that can transform into specialised cells such as skin, brain or muscle that is most important in aging.

Molecular biologist Brian Morris, of the University of Sydney, says ‘With age, DNA damage takes place through smoking, stress, radiation and as a result good melanocyte cells become depleted, and we see greying of the hair.’
More tips on how to hold back the grey follicles here.


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