Going for Gold

Could your star sign determine your sporting prowess?

British statician Kenneth Mitchell  certainly seems to think so. After analysing the birth dates of all the Olympic winners since the modern games began in 1896 he found some interesting results.

The most successful athletes in water were, appropriately enough, born under the fish sign: Pisces. They achieved around 30 per cent more medals in swimming, water polo and similar events.

Yet the highest overall achievers, the ones who came away with most of the medals, were Capricorn, Aquarius and Aries.

Fast forward to Beijing and you’ll find that Scorpios have been stinging best at Fencing whilst strong and determined Taureans excel at pole vaulting.

So before you head to the gym to start training for the next Olympics why not check out what sport best fits your sign? Just take a look at Mitchell's website: olympicstarsign.com.

Find out if you are going for gold, consult the stars with our free horoscope.

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