Gemstones aid in psychic protection

If you need something to guide you in your everyday psychic life, gemstones may just provide the answer you’ve been looking for.

Psychic Tana Hoy provides advice on the power of the gemstone. He believes ‘gemstones contain fascinating natural attributes in them and these attributes can be very powerful when used.’

Gemstones, which come in various shapes and sizes, can be used for psychic purposes to invite luck, love, safety and riches into your life. Different stones can be used for psychic protection and here are some of the many gemstones Hoy believes can keep you safe from psychic attacks and negative energies.

Blue Chalcedony – this stone provides protection from negative emotions such as hostility and anger that may be directed towards you, whether deliberately or not.

Fluorite – this stone provides protects your mind and keeps it clear. The stone also offers an opportunity to stabilize your energy, to find balance and healing. 

Snowflake Obsidian – this stone protects you from pessimistic energies, which can come from within you and from anyone or anything around you.

Hematite – this stone protects you from anxiety caused by unhappy energies, emotions, and thoughts. It helps dissolve these negative energies and shift them to joyful and positive ones.

Carnelian – this stone acts as a shield from the devious motives of others.

Hoy notes the best time to use these stones is during the performance of certain techniques or rituals, or alternatively you can wear them as an ornament. Placing them in your surroundings at home or at work can also help release their flow of psychic energy. 

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