Feel Great and Look Young

A survey backed by the mental health charity Mind and carried out by the Food and Mood Project revealed that changes in diet can affect not just physical health but mental health also. Results showed that just by cutting down on ‘stress’ foods such as caffeine, sugar and alcohol helped to improve participants' mood.


Richard Brook, chief executive of Mind, said: "At a simple level we all know certain foods are good for us or can affect our mood. However, linking real information and evidence with effective ways of using it can be a really efficient tool in managing your mental health."


Dr Wendy Doyle, spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association, said oily fish and fruit and vegetables were known to be beneficial to our mental well being. In addition they are also key to keeping your youthful looks. Eating lots of oily fish and cutting back on sugar is part of the Perricone diet, beloved of Hollywood stars trying to ward off the wrinkles.


Drinking plenty of water, fresh fruit, vegetable and fish should keep us all fitter, happier and healthier for longer!

September 2008
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