Explore your inner self with the Tarot

Far from being a crystal ball through which we can predict the future, the Tarot is a tool with which we can learn more about ourselves and shape the destiny we deserve.

The Hidden Self

As much as we might think we know ourselves, there is a large aspect of our being that is ‘hidden’ from us. As we progress through our lives, we learn, on a conscious level, to react and interact to the stimuli around us. Through experience and the teachings of others, we gain understanding of our conscious selves, discovering our likes and dislikes and what we believe to be important.

However, our subconscious selves are often ignored and, as we absorb what the physical realm teaches us, many of us fall ‘out of step’ with the deeper aspects of our beings. Despite what we think we know and perceive we have learned, the subconscious houses what we truly feel and instinctively know. For many, this can manifest itself as a ‘gut feeling’ about something or an intuitive feeling about a situation. For others, the subconscious can communicate thoughts and feelings through dreams.

The Barrier of Consciousness

With the barrier of the conscious mind continually being reinforced in our daily lives to, exploring the hidden aspect of our beings can be difficult. However, this is where the Tarot comes in. The cards themselves appeal to the subconscious, being laden with symbolism and hidden meanings; the inner self likes to communicate through the use of abstract images. However, the reader is able to intuit the meanings behind these cards through using their psychic abilities. A good reader is the key to a good reading; these are people who are in-tune with their higher selves and, as a result, are able to tune into and communicate with yours. Using their abilities, they are able to interpret the reasons why your subconscious has chosen the cards it has and give you greater insight into your ‘hidden’ thoughts and feelings.

The Tarot has been used by psychoanalysts as much as it has by psychics. Using it as a tool for self-knowledge will leave you better-equipped to deal with the decisions that life throws your way.

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