Enhance Your Telepathic Abilities

Most people have had the experience of seeming to ‘know’ what someone is going to say before they say it. In addition, there are those who seem to have an uncanny ability to be able to tell just how someone is truly feeling, even though that person might be putting on a ‘front’ or pretending otherwise.

These are both examples of telepathic ability, known as direct telepathy and empathy. If you’ve discovered that you are experiencing these phenomena with increasing regularity, then it’s more than likely that you have a telepathic gift. The question is – what do you do next?

What is Telepathy?

Telepathy is best explained as the communication between two people, without the use of our five main senses. For some it’s evidence that we can ‘read’ each others’ minds while, for others it simply points at a state of heightened intuition.

 In reality, it’s a bit of both. We’re all aware of our conscious minds; it’s the part of us that makes decisions, assesses situations and narrates our lives on a daily basis. Most of us are aware of the unconscious mind - it’s the thing that creates our dreams when we’re asleep and occasionally helps us out with feelings of instinct and intuition. However, few of us ask where one goes when the other’s in control. Are they both in operation all the time or do they ever ‘switch off’?

The conscious mind is at its most active during our waking hours. It provides us with our senses of logic, rationale and reasoning. We appeal to the conscious mind when we have choices to make and use it to guide us through our daily business. However, when we go to sleep, it takes a break. But that doesn’t mean it’s gone; the conscious mind, although resting, is always ready for action. When you wake from a bad dream, it immediately bumps into action, allowing you to tell fantasy from reality.

The subconscious works in a similar way. When the conscious mind steps back, the subconscious steps in, creating dreams from the detritus of the data your brain has absorbed during the day. However, unlike the conscious mind, it’s also active during the time when the conscious mind is dominant. Although we might not be aware of it, the subconscious is working away, behind the veil of consciousness, absorbing and transmitting information, like a two-way radio that’s in operation 24/7.

Training What You’ve Got

 The subconscious transmits and receives constantly. However, only a few of us are able to recognise this, often manifesting as weird or apparently coincidental experiences. What is less understood is that we all have telepathic abilities, albeit of different strengths. Training what you’ve got is a great way to boost your powers and give you access to greater degrees of untapped potential. While you might not be able to actively read someone’s mind, you will certainly be able to get a better idea of just what they’re truly thinking.

The best approach to enhancing your telepathic abilities is to learn to think in concepts, as opposed to linear thought. The subconscious communicates through apparently-random images, sounds, thoughts and feelings. How often has a dream seemed nonsensical until you’ve worked out the underlying message? How often have you experienced thoughts and emotions that seem to bear no relation to your surroundings?

While conceptual communication may seem like a foreign language to the conscious mind, it is the only way that you can communicate on a telepathic level with another person. You’re going to have to learn to transmit concepts and, conversely, how to translate them when they’re picked up by your subconscious.


The key to being able to project your thoughts is a process known as entrainment. In essence, this is just jargon used to describe the instance when your brainwaves are working in sympathy with someone else’s, that you are both in the same mental ‘zone’; that you are both singing from the same psychic song sheet. You can learn entrainment by working with a friend, which can be the first step towards enhancing your telepathic abilities:

 Begin my visualising the other person. You don’t have to be in the same room, but it’s a good idea that they are aware of the experiment and the time you’ll be conducting it. For the moment, all you have to do is imagine them, in as much detail as you can. As you do so, try and perceive whether or not you can ‘feel’ or sense a connection to them.

 If you can, focus on that feeling and try and turn it into an image; perhaps like a connective cord or conductive tube between you. Repeat this a number of times over a number of days, until the image of the connection becomes second nature and is accompanied by feelings of psychic unity.

 Message Received; Over?

 The next step is to send a message. Decide which of you will transmit and which of you will receive. Entering the state of visualisation, the transmitter should focus on an image – a light bulb, for example. Once that has been visualised as strongly as possible, they should then imagine that idea being sent along the connective cord to the receiver. Again, ensure that you both know when the experiment is being conducted.

 The receiver should then report back as to what feelings he or she experienced. It’s pretty unlikely that at the start they’ll be getting pictures of bulbs flashing on in their heads. Instead, they are more likely to experience the feelings that the transmitter associates with that image, so they might feel creative or calm or even happy. The two of you should then compare notes to determine which feelings got through and which didn’t. You can repeat this process, switching roles and building up a more complex psychic vocabulary as you go.

Telepathic powers do not improve overnight, and you will have to go through a lot of practice, trial and error before you begin to achieve what you want to. However, in addition to enhancing these powers, you will also be expanding your general psychic awareness, which most often manifests as increased awareness of how others are feeling.

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