Enhance Your Psychic Ability

To a greater or lesser extent, all of us have some level of psychic ability. The key is learning how to tap into it – and one of the best ways is by exploring hypnagogia.

Hypnagogia is the state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep – those points when you’re dozing lightly, are beginning to wake up or a just drifting off to sleep. It has long been recognised as a fertile ground for psychic experiences, including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience and out-of-body sensations.

Here are some suggestions for ways to harness the psychic potential of hypnagogia:

- Go to bed earlier than usual so you aren’t exhausted
- Wake up without an alarm clock in the morning
- Take cat naps during the day
- Listen to brain wave CDs or downloads
- Request an answer to a question or solution to a problem before you fall asleep

Then, when images appear, allow them to flow without analysing them. When you are back to wakefulness, encourage your mind to interpret the images symbolically, rather than logically.

This is adapted from an article on California Psychics

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