Drink Your Own Starsign

There seems to be an increasing trend to cater for every particular starsign’s need!

Now news comes to us that a hotel has launched a range of cocktails suited to every starsign’s particular tastes.

The only drawback for us Brits is that you’ll have to go to the InterContinental Miami's Indigo Restaurant and Bar in the States to try them.

René Van Camp, the hotel's food and beverage director, said, 'We thought after looking at the signs that if people love to talk about astrology and read their horoscope, why not drink it too? We did some research to make sure each drink matches the sign's characteristics.'

And the good news is that they have provided a delicious drink for Geminis called a Twin Sin Gemini mixing rum, passion fruit juice and ginger beer. Head on over here if you fancy trying it.

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