The meaning of falling dreams

Dreams of falling are one of the most commonly reported dreams of all. The feelings experienced during dreams of this sort are usually ones of fear – completely understandable, given the dream scenario. But what does a dream of this nature imply?

Themes of Falling Dreams

Falling in a dream is associated with the themes of anxiety, insecurity and failure. In your real life, you may be party to a situation or event over which you feel you have no control. This event needn’t be major or dramatic; it could be something as simple as being asked to do something at work you don’t want to do. Your subconscious will register your feelings of lack of control on a subliminal level and then communicate them to you through an almost-literal image: you are free-falling, there is nothing to hold on to and you have no control.

Falling dreams can also be interpreted as representing a sense of failure. In perceiving ourselves to have failed in a particular aspect of our waking lives, we often feel that we have let ourselves ‘down’ or ‘fallen’ from grace. Once again, the subconscious is flagging up your inner turmoil with an image that is hard to discredit.

Change Your Situation

Rather than being nightmares, falling dreams are messages on which we can act. In your waking hours, you may have been unaware of the feelings that a particular situation or event have generated within you. On experiencing a falling dream, you should take time to reflect upon the avenues of your life that this dream may be referring to. If it truly is a situation that you can do nothing about, then it is important to recognise this and let yourself off the hook.

In order to do so, you may have to explore difficult emotions, such as anger or frustration or have difficult discussions with others. But these are all part of a healing process. However, if it is your power to take some control of the situation that is troubling you, then do so. Falling dreams are psychic messages of the strongest kind and should be considered very deeply, so that you can achieve inner peace.

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