Don’t put off today

OK, so I know that decorating may not be the most interesting thing to write about, but I learnt a bit of a lesson when I got decided to revamp my hall recently. I realised that there’s nothing I love better than putting something off.

My hallway is covered in ugly, yellowing woodchip wallpaper, which the last owners very kindly left me with. As soon as I moved in I decorated the rest of the flat including three bedrooms which were painted in an array of rainbow shades (postbox red, navy blue and bright yellow, anyone?) but I knew that the hall was just too big a job for my boyfriend and I to do. It needed a professional touch.

When the decorator told me how much it was going cost, I did my best to hide my shock behind a big smile. He had come highly recommended from several friends because he was so good and also very reasonable, so I knew he was giving me an honest deal. However, I still couldn’t help thinking that I could afford two weeks in the sun for the same price as prettier walls.

Still, I realised that it had to be done at some point whatever happens. There’s no way the walls could stay like they were forever because they were making the rest of the flat look grubby. I also reminded myself that it’s going to cost the same whether I get it done now or in two years’ time, so I may as well get the benefit of it now. We often do our places up to sell them so they look nice when people come and view them, but why not make them look nice for us?

I took a deep breath, shook Mr Decorator’s hand and booked him in. He did an amazing job and the flat looks totally different. I no longer have to feel guilty every time I walk down the hall and I feel a strange sense of calm that I can cross it off my ‘things to do’ list. From now on I’m going to stop procrastinating and get things done as and when I can.

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