• Psychic sees a “black future” for rogue trader

    While the entire banking profession has taken a serious popularity hit during the recent downturn, few have been quite so vilified as Jerome Kerviel. That’s perhaps not surprising since the French trader gambled away a whopping £3.5 billion on the markets while working for the Societe Generale bank. When the extent of his losses became known, he was arrested and is now standing trial in Paris.

    24 February 2011

  • The Oscars opossum oracle

    Ever since Paul the Octopus went to the great ocean in the sky, the fight has for the top spot of the psychic animal world has been well and truly on. Currently sitting pretty in pole position is Heidi, the alarming-looking cross-eyed opossum who has cemented her supremacy by bagging a job Stateside.

    18 February 2011

  • Romanian witches under pressure

    Romania may be the land of superstition and vampire lore, but its modern-day witches and psychics are feeling the heat. That’s because a new law is about to be introduced that would penalise anyone who makes a prediction that turns out to be incorrect. And the authorities are set to impose fines, or even jail sentences, for this alleged ‘crime’.

    14 February 2011

  • Love is the drug

    Doctors recently confirmed something we’d suspected all along – love is good for us! Coming just in time for the romance-fest that is Valentine’s Day, findings reported in the British Medical Journal revealed a loving relationship can actually help you live longer. In fact, according to researchers from Cardiff University, people in a happy, long-term relationship reduce their risk of an early death by 15 percent.

    11 February 2011

  • The Catholic Church takes on witchcraft

    Looks like the Catholic Church in Britain aren't big Harry Potter fans. In fact, it seems they're so concerned about the influence of the teenage wizard and his kind, that they've just issued a guide explaining how to convert young witches back to Christianity.

    4 February 2011

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