Do You Have a Gift For Spiritual Healing?

Contrary to popular belief, Spiritual Healers do not have the ability to heal other people. While you digest that statement, let’s take a good look at what healing of this sort really means.

 Healers Cannot Heal Others

 When you cut your finger, your blood reacts to the oxygen around it, coagulating and clotting to stop the flow of blood and create a protective shell, under which the natural healing process can take place. In the event of a larger injury, the muscles and skin are stitched together and antibiotics may be given to create an environment in which that process can also take place.

However, it is the body that does the healing itself - medical professionals simply give the body the best opportunity in which to do it. The same is true of spiritual healing. As a healer, you do not have magical powers through which you can knit bones or re-attach veins, but you do have ability to create an environment in which the body is free to begin the healing process. We all have the natural abilities to heal ourselves, but we do not have the power to heal others, although we can help the process along.

While spiritual healers do not have the ability to heal other people, they are able to channel healing energies on the other person’s behalf. These energies are all around us, both physically and psychically present in everything from the plants we eat to the thoughts that we throw into the ether. This is where a healer’s talents truly lie; in being able to tap into those sources, filter the positive from the negative and focus what remains onto their patient.

This need not necessarily be for physical healing. It may be that a person’s outlook has caused them a psychic wound or that there is an emotional aberration in their make-up that needs to be removed before they can start to fulfil their true potential. However, healers do also work with physical ailments and injuries, using their gifts to instruct the body to take steps to heal. Some patients have reported that spiritual healing has worked for them where traditional medicine has failed, almost as if the absence of drugs and invasive procedures gives the body ‘permission’ to do what it does best.

 Who are the Healers?

It is believed among spiritual healers that we are all born with the ability to heal each other, but only a few of us ever recognise it and tap into it. Most healers discover their gifts in the same way and, peculiarly, it has little or nothing to do with the laying on of hands. Often healers begin as individuals who are able to sense emotional needs or disruptions in others. They have the uncanny ability to ‘read’ others and to sense how they are truly feeling behind the facades that we all present to the world on a daily basis. These people are often sought out for their empathic or sympathetic natures; they are the people who others turn to, in times of trouble, for advice or just a sympathetic ear.

 This is healing in itself; listening to others and offering non-judgemental advice is the cornerstone of all spiritual healing. Healers are often incredibly intuitive and it their psychic abilities to see through a person, to the heart of the matter, are what sets them apart. They may also be able to instinctively ‘know’ whether physical contact is appropriate or not. Some healers favour the laying on of hands to afflicted areas, but this can be a cause of distress for the patient. A good healer does not have to rely on his hands to channel energy, as they can focus it as much through their minds.

However, physical contact can also offer comfort to those who need it and a healer will be able to sense if this is the case. In effect, a healer does whatever they can to make the subject feel at ease and receptive to what is going on around them.

 Training your Talents

 Those who feel they may have healing abilities can train their abilities, both on their own and in company. There are many healer groups in the UK and getting in touch with one shouldn’t be a problem. What you do need to be sure of is that there is an experienced, professional healer at the helm. Under their instruction, you can learn to tap into your intuitive abilities and channel the energy that flows through them.

However, you mustn’t expect an overnight success; the path to becoming a spiritual healer is as much a path to self-awareness and spiritual advancement as anything else. There is always room for your abilities to improve. Group work tends to involve meditation and learning how to interact with others on a spiritual level. A good teacher will never ask you to do more than you are capable of and will respect everyone’s limitations.

If there are no groups nearby then you can explore your abilities yourself. Meditation has long been used as a method through which to tap into the subconscious. In achieving a meditative state you are entering the same sort of trance many of us experience between sleeping and waking. This is the prime time to consciously instruct your subconscious to make itself more available and receptive to the energies flowing through and around it. This way, not only will you be more attuned to the needs of others, but you will experience a greater awareness of the energies that you channel. You will know when you are at ‘full charge’ and when your reserves are depleted and you possibly need to rest.

You may also like to test your focussing skills on a friend or family member – but be sure to work on minor ailments only, such as sprains or digestive problems. You can explain to them why you are doing this and ask them to give you honest feedback, rating your abilities and giving their thoughts on your strengths and weaknesses. Spiritual healers work for years to hone their talents, but it is part of rich and rewarding process.

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