Do Tarot Readings Become More Popular During Times Of Economic Crisis?

A press release made by PRLOG suggests that Tarot readings have been on the increase since the UK entered its economic downturn. It may seem surprising that, at a time when money is scarce, people are prepared to put their hands in their pockets to pay for something that is rarely described as a necessity. What does this tell us about the state of the nation’s unconscious?


A Psychic Coalition

The Major Arcana represents the grand themes that are at play in all our lives. Carl Jung suggested that these are symbolic of the collective unconscious; just as people can unite through words and deeds, there are those who believe that we are inextricably linked through the energies we send out as the result of our thoughts and feelings. These energies join together to form a greater energy field; a sort of psychic coalition.


The common themes in most people’s lives at the moment are worry and distrust. Many of us are worried about our financial futures, whether our jobs are secure and how we will cope as the cost of living increases. In addition, the general feeling is that we do not trust those in power; bankers appear to have betrayed our interests and politicians appear to be duplicitous. The nation’s psychic temperature is cold, to say the least.


Creative and Carefree Beings

However, as individuals, we do not enjoy these feelings; it is in our nature to be loving, creative and carefree beings, responsible to ourselves and responsible to others. This is the state that all our subconscious selves yearn to return to; we desire freedom, choice and spiritual harmony. It is this yearning that is seeing the increase in Tarot readings. When times are hard and we feel that the powers that govern our lives are taking choice away from us, we seek other methods to find happiness and change things for the positive. In our hearts, we know that the best foundation for mass-change is to positively alter the way live our lives as individuals. The Tarot is a mirror into which we can look deep within ourselves and begin to engineer those changes.

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