Do Psychics Still Use Crystal Balls?


Psychics have been around since mankind first worked out that being in a group was better than being on your own. They have taken many forms, from tribal shamans to revered seers, often attending to the psychic needs of royalty. However, the psychic world has also been at the whim and fancy of social trends and has had to adapt through many different incarnations. Think of a psychic and you will probably envisage a veiled gypsy woman gazing into a crystal ball. Unfortunately, if that’s what you are expecting from your chosen psychic, then you are likely to be in for a disappointment; the world of psychics has changed through the ages and is likely to continue evolving.


A Different Picture of the Psychic


One of the most interesting aspects of trending within the psychic world is the way in which 21st Century psychics view themselves and what they do. In days gone by, a soothsayer’s word was unquestionable. These were people who were perceived to have a divine link to the higher powers that governed our lives. As a result, it was believed that they had a better idea of how life would unfold and the answers they gave to questions were seen to be the only solutions worth having. 


Today, however, psychics paint a different picture of themselves. Rather than suggesting they are somehow linked to exclusive forces, they support the idea that we are all born with psychic powers but, as with any other talent or skill, they just happen to be more adept at it than others.


In addition, psychics no longer portray themselves as being authoritative figures who supply the rest of us with answers. Instead, we now tend to see psychics as facilitators, rather than problem-solvers. They are quick to let us know that we each have the answers to our own problems locked away inside ourselves and their job is simply to guide us to those answers. This may, in part, reflect modern man’s desire to be more responsible for his actions than our ancestors were. 


In the past, people were less likely to question the world around them, believing that they were mere pawns in the grand design of whatever gods they subscribed to at the time. Even Christians of the Victorian era were more likely to attribute an event as being the will of God, rather than being prepared to acknowledge their own part in it. Today, the notion of free will is one that most people embrace and, consequently, they are left with questions. In conjunction with that social movement, psychics have moved with the times and are keen to make people aware of the roles they play in shaping their own destinies and the roles they play in the lives of others. There is less emphasis on predicting what will happen and more on explaining what is likely to happen if a client embraces particular, personal changes. 


An Inclusive and Accessible Process


As a consequence, 21st Century psychics rely far less on ‘mystical’ qualities than their earlier counterparts did. During Victorian séances, it was not uncommon for a psychic to lapse into a dramatic trance as he or she channelled psychic powers from the spirit realm. Today, the onus is on abilities such as intuition and empathy - psychic skills that we all possess, but skills that psychics have taken the time to harness. The whole process seems a lot more inclusive and accessible than it did in years gone by.


The tools of the trade have changed, as fashions have. While there are certainly genuine psychics out there who still use crystal balls, there are far more who use Tarot cards and Runes. In the past, items such as these were seem as arcane, mysterious objects that could wreak terrible harm if used incorrectly or were to fall into the wrong hands. Today, many psychics prefer to acknowledge that their tools are devices to help them access their own abilities, and that they are inanimate objects with no special powers of their own. 


This is not to belittle those artefacts, however. In choosing Tarot cards, Runes or even crystal balls, a psychic must feel some intuitive association with the tools they use. Three different Tarot readers may use three different decks of cards, but they are all used to the same end. As long as the cards mean something to the reader, they will fulfil their purpose.


A Telephone and a Laptop


Also in the past is the need to hunt out a gypsy woman in her tent. Face-to-face readings are no longer a requirement. With the dawn of telecommunications and the Internet, psychics once again have moved with the times. Many psychics now offer readings by telephone or offer their services through websites, meaning that the seeker and the psychic need never meet. In spite of this, Internet psychics and telephone readers are thriving, with psychics learning how to build up strong and intuitive bonds with their clients, even across great distances. 


Where psychics of old may have used crystal balls to establish links with the Great Beyond, modern psychics are more than happy to use the telephone and a laptop.


In the past, props and dressings were used to create the right atmosphere of suspense for the seeker. The psychic would often use strange incantations or phrases to communicate the idea that they were somehow different from them. In essence, these were used for the seeker, to give them the idea that they were dealing with something different, far removed from their normal field of experience. Today, there are far fewer props involved and the tools that are used tend to be more for the psychic’s benefit than anyone else’s. 


The focus of the modern-day psychic is to increase a client’s self-awareness and help them access their inner strength and positivity, which will help them towards the destiny they desire. Psychics are no longer seen as outsiders in society and while it may also mean that they are no longer revered as they once were, it also infuses their profession with the human element that is so necessary to a job where intuition and empathy are the primary ingredients.

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