Discover Your Unconscious With The Tarot


The Swiss psychoanalyst proposed that our lives are divided into two parts. The first part is in which we react to and interact with the external forces of reality. Through this, we seek to define ourselves and our roles within that reality. The second part of our lives are devoted to exploring our inner realities; this is the time in which we ask the ‘bog questions’, such as why we feel the way we do about certain things. The Tarot can prove a useful tool in this stage of our existence.

What Makes Us Tick

Jung’s theory is that, during the second stage of our lives, we explore what is going on inside us; having assessed the outside world, we turn our attentions in on ourselves and try to gain a deeper understanding of what makes us tick. In essence, we are beginning on a conscious journey to explore the unconscious. Unfortunately, the conscious mind is the least-useful tool in our armory for discovery of this sort. Jung also proposed that the Tarot represents certain archetypes within the human psyche and that the cards could be used to diagnose psychological malaise. However, if used as a tool for self-enlightenment, the Tarot can offer much more than just finding out what makes us feel ill at ease.

Subconscious Freedom

In forming a psychic bond with an interpreter, we free ourselves from our conscious minds and give our higher selves the opportunity to interact with more freedom. It is the subconscious that selects the cards and the intuitive nature of the interpreter that converts these pictures into meaning. By asking the cards a question, you are allowing your subconscious to respond in the only way it knows how; through apparently abstract imagery and ‘gut feelings’. Once the images are translated, you can gain a deeper insight into how your subconscious works and understand how and why you respond to certain situations. In order to fully understand ourselves, we have to appreciate every aspect of our minds, bodies and souls. The Tarot is just one of many tools that can lead to greater self-knowledge and inner harmony.

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