De-stress Your Soul

Life can get on top of us at times, so much so that we never have time to stop and think. This stressful lifestyle can affect our outlook on life as well as our souls, as we increasingly find ourselves without the time to sit back and relax.

Experts in the field believe that recognizing your spiritual stress is actually pretty straightforward and includes elements you may easily ignore. Feeling unwell, whether this is through a headache or illness is said to be a key sign of spiritual stress, along with fidgeting or feeling the need to keep busy. Our minds are constantly packed full of the day’s information, which can often go into overload if not monitored. Sometimes the less pressing thoughts need to be put aside to let the mind and soul de-stress.

Carrie Harris is a hypnotherapist, practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming and emotional freedom technique. She believes that spiritual stress results in a withdrawal of heart-based thinking as well as action. If this spiritual stress is left to grow, it is believed that it can anger the spirit. Carrie advises that you should follow the joyful things in life and find evidence of this as well as love and beauty wherever you go. Learn to be your own best friend and your soul and spirit should soon de-stress itself.

The November issue of Soul and Spirit Magazine has more interesting information on this, along with advice from experts Lynx Wildwood and Suryacitta on maintaining a stress-free spirit and soul.

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