• Medium Update

    In the UK, the wonderful Patricia Arquette ‘communing with the dead’ detective show, Medium has been reduced to late night slots, repeat runs and obscure channels, so you may not be so familiar with its workings.

    25 August 2009

  • Baby Naming – What you should know!

    Everyone knows it’s all in your name - surely Madonna wouldn’t have been quite so iconic without a one-name name. 

    25 August 2009

  • How to be a psychic

    It’s easy, apparently – according to YouTube user, Nathan.

    17 August 2009

  • Jade disses Jack from beyond the grave

    Jade’s mum Jackiey has been communicating with her dead daughter thanks to Kooma’s friend, Psychic Sister, Jayne Wallace. And she’s not happy with Jack and his clubbing antics since her death apparently.

    17 August 2009

  • Viva Las Vegas!

    Las Vegas has a reputation as one of the most fast-paced, fun and fake places in the world. Having just returned from a week in the gambling mecca, I can only say that reputation is well-deserved.

    10 August 2009

  • Barack’s year ahead

    Barack Obama celebrated his 48th birthday on 4th August, so there’s no better time to look what the future has in store for him.

    6 August 2009

  • Psychic shaggy dog story!

    An Australian family have been reuinited with their missing pet dog after a psychic advised them of its whereabouts. Awww.

    6 August 2009

  • An Interview with psychic astrologer Frank Pilkington

    It’s one thing being an astrologer, another being psychic. But what about both!?

    6 August 2009

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