Crossing Over - How Mediums Can Help Restless Spirits To Move On

There are many reports of hauntings, poltergeists and other examples of restless spirits. In some cases, the owners of a property that houses a ghost or the recipients of a haunting will call upon the services of a psychic to help that spirit move on to the spirit realm and achieve peace. In order to understand just how they are able to do this, it is worth taking a look at the reasons that spirits become Earth-bound in the first place.

Directionless spirits

Spirits that linger tend to have died in particular ways. Their decision to remain is a reaction to the transition from leaving the physical realm and discovering that they now exist in spirit form. In the vast majority of cases, these spirits are not evil or malign; rather it is that they are directionless and lost.

While it is entirely possible for them to complete the journey to the afterlife, many of them are unaware of that option or have chosen to remain on this plane in order to pass on some information to someone. It may well be that they feel they are unable to achieve peace until that task has been fulfilled and so their presence in the Earthly realm, while self-imposed, may not be something they enjoy, giving rise to the phenomena of unhappy ghosts.

 A medium’s job, primarily, is to make contact with the dead. Often, this is purely help the surviving friends or relatives to deal with their grief and the accompanying sense of loss. Mediums are people with pronounced intuitive and psychic abilities, who are able to extend their subconscious minds beyond the confines of the material world and make connections with forces that are beyond our usual powers of perception. In this way, a medium can act on a person’s behalf and pass messages between the dead and the living. Typically, the messages that come from the spirit realm are messages of comfort and reassurance.

The role of the medium

However, in the instance that a spirit is lingering and causing problems for the living, the role of a medium can change. A ghost that has decided to try and pass on information before it makes its final transition knows that it must seek help. Given that they are psychic manifestations of those who have died, their psychic abilities become much more pronounced after death. However, it takes someone with particular talents to understand what it is that they are trying to communicate. While a spirit may have the psychic power to project an image of itself, it may not have the strength to make itself heard and vice versa. In addition, spirits face another barrier; one that is far harder for them to overcome.

 Psychic barriers

Many of those who encounter a restless spirit may be doing so for the first time. Often, the notion of a spectre or ghost is beyond their field of experience and, to protect themselves, their subconscious minds will quickly put up a psychic barrier. The same is true of those who are skeptical of the existence of such entities; their minds are closed, protected from intrusion or contact by a psychic shield. This can be very frustrating for the spirit, as it is doing everything in its limited power to make itself known and to convey its message.

 Sometimes, this can result in behaviour that is perceived as malign or threatening but, in reality, is akin to a psychic tantrum. However, a psychic is in tune with their subconscious to such a degree that they can lower their psychic drawbridge and allow contact to be made, whilst protecting themselves against any negative energies that may be lurking.

 Once the information has been imparted, the spirit may well complete its journey to the spirit realm of its own volition. There are those, however, who, because of the circumstances of their death, may be unaware or unwilling to admit that they are actually dead. These spirits often manifest in human form and appear to be going about their business, apparently stuck in loops of repeated behaviour. A medium’s role in this instance is to make contact and reassure that spirit that all is well and if they simply complete the transition, they will find peace; spirits who linger in this fashion are often lonely and cannot understand why those around them will not interact with them.

 Angry and unhappy spirits

There are those spirits who are the manifestation of those who have committed suicide. These spirits are often angry, sometimes choosing to linger in order to observe the effect their death has had on those left behind. The role of the medium is a tricky one here, for they have to act as a ‘psychic counselor,’ encouraging the spirit to move on.

 Often it is these spirits that put up the most resistance as their unhappiness is such that they feel that moving on would somehow undermine the impact of their last, tragic act. In addition, they may feel guilt and that they are unworthy of moving to a higher place, given the pain and suffering that they have left in their wake. A medium needs to help a spirit in this situation to find a sense of peace and self-forgiveness; a difficult task and one which will draw on their powers of empathy, as much as their intuitive abilities.

 Final peace

Spirits remain on Earth for a variety of reasons and each will find their own way to communicate their intent and emotional state. A gifted medium will be able to tune into those wavelengths and respond with calming and soothing messages, allowing the spirit to understand that the time is right for them to complete their journey. This may take more than one attempt, as the medium comes to know and understand the sort of spirit he is dealing with. While this process can often be emotionally draining for both parties, it is one that can leave the medium with a profound sense of achievement, knowing that they have helped a restless soul to finally achieve the peace that we all deserve.

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